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true story

By DakTHPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
i forgot

I was always thinking love would be easy, but unfortunately, it’s as hard as life itself.

They say that you have three loves in life, I forgot what those were just like I forgot what love is, but ill never forget.

I remember, and true story, my cousin and auntie told me. someone wants to meet you. So, we sat downstairs watching a movie and I tried to get all lovey on her, and she kept moving away. It didn’t make sense to me. so, my 16-year-old silly a** jumped up and gave my cousin hell. Told him. “Why tell me she likes me if she’s like this”. So, I storm back up stairs and passed my auntie. She can see and I had a few follows. I don’t know I never looked back; I was hurt. Yea a young guy looking and was basically dumb.

I took my bike and when I was riding off. I looked back because I heard this sweet voice. “Hey, wait, don’t go.” I saw her open the door saying. Unfortunately, I kept riding.

The next day I found out I met the wrong one. It wasn’t the person I was sitting by; she was upstairs talking to my auntie. And she was the one who opened the door when I rode off, she was the one who said wait.

Was I stupid? Was I to love struck? Was I to willing?... No! I wasn’t ready for the love she was willing to give. The next day I spoke to my cousin he said the same. “You left to early.”

I met her then and there, and my goodness. I fell in love with my first love. Her brown hair, brown eyes, that cheeky smile I’ll never forget. 14 years later I will not. I saw it in her too. She fell in love. What a story that would be. marry your first one, but that’s not this. 4 days later she moved. To this day 14 years I never saw her again. She will always be my love; I can still feel her head resting on my shoulder as we sat in the park watching the sunset.

Now the second. Well, I had in between. It’s hard to tell. I want to say she was but twice my age. I want to say it could’ve been, but that’s not the case. I think we need someone to show us. Like a mirror to see who we are. If not, well then we’ll never know. it’s needed even if it means flashbacks. The more you hide the worse it gets, its simple.

The last. I never thought I’ll see this coming. If you gave me a heads up, I bet it will hit me square in the face still. I’ll never see, what I would do is try catch but she’s a catch herself. Probably my last. Let her go off in the mall and say I’m going to check this store. While secretly you look at rings. Is a sapphire good? A diamond seems to out there, but 5k to say there is no match. It’s the vows that’s what I’m looking at. True story, even vocal can say nah. I want to know what you think.

5 years I knew her, and everything is hectic, but in between damn. She’s someone to say hey. I know you, and I’ll love you to the moon and back. Don’t matter who you been it’s who you’re becoming and that alone I’ll stand by.

I been plenty. I been a good guy., I been a bad guy. All I know is my last has made me feel that there is hope. That all things that we do isn’t good but, in love, we have someone who sees. Past our imperfections and past our mistakes, past what we don’t want to see. They will hold up the mirror and say, hey! You are something. All through… that’s enough. You are loved and love itself will flourish.

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