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Kitchen Help by Amy Lyn Bihrle

A Picture From The Reiki Cat Lady's Page

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 12 months ago Updated 12 months ago 3 min read
Kitchen help by Amy Lyn Bihrle from The Reiki Cat Lady's Facebook Page


I follow The Reiki Cat Lady on Facebook as they share some wonderful feline artwork and this lovely funny one caught my eye to inspire a story. They remind me of my friends Cherri and Amanda's and my daughter Juliet's cats that know where all the treats are hidden, in the kitchen.

So here we will find what those two are really up to. I thought I would do a little more Chat Fiction for this one because there was obviously some conversation going on before THAT happened.

The artist is AmyLyn Bihrle and her Facebook page and website are here, plus the lovely message she sent me letting me use her image

Fluffy And Muffy In The Kitchen: Help!!

Fluffy: "Mother got some boxes delivered, I tried to get in but they are taped up, but it smelled like the stuff"

Muffy: "Yeah she is going to take it out of the boxes and put it in the kitchen cupboard, again. Doesn't she know, we needs it"

Fluffy: "We Needs It? You sound just like Gollum in that film she keeps watching, but you are right we need to get into that cupboard. If only we had opposable thumbs, we could open doors and use can openers. What do you think is in those bags on the counter? They're not in the cupboard and they are only paper bags. I wonder if that is it?"

Muffy: "Should I jump up and see what it is?"

Fluffy: "Yeah, you can jump higher than me and are better at opening bags and parcels, remember how you got into her handbag? I mean you couldn't get the zipper opened and she did go mad when you ripped that hole in the side to get what you thought was catnip but turned out to be just some kind of smelly weed, and then she started screaming about Armani or Versachi or something. We never did see that bag again did we, and we haven't tried to open one of her skin bags again have we? We do want to stay and keep being fed, stroked and pampered"

Muffy: "She did calm down though, especially when she rolled that weed into a sausage shape, set fire to it and started making smoke with her mouth"

Fluffy: "She loves us, and we can do almost anything I think and she will be ok with it. Now what's in the bags"

Muffy tries to jump up to the kitchen worktop, failing twice then noticing a tea towel hanging down. Muffy then climbs the towel and in a final jump crawls onto the worktop, where the bags stood waiting.

Muffy: "They smell stratnge, I'ng going to try and open one a bit. It's not catnip, damn, or chocolote, but I want to try it"

Fluffy: "Come on I'm dying to know what's in it, and dying to try it out as well"

Muffy: "It's in a plastic bag inside the paper bag, let me just get into this"

Muffy rips open the bag and it falls over, the contents spilling over the worktop and onto the floor next to Fluffy. They both sample the contents and after a few seconds .......

Fluffy: "Wow, Mother has got some absolutely amazing stuff this time"

Muffy: "Wow yeah it is, I wonder what it is, this is even vbetter than catnip, I want more too"

Fluffy: "She'll probaly be in a bad mood when she sees what we have done"

Muffy: "Yeah but when she has a taste of this she'll be fine"

Just then Mother walks in.

Mother: "You little devils, that wasn't mine. I was just keeping it for a friend. Oh my God, get out!!"

The cats scarpered and Mother began to try and scoop the white powder into the bag and hoped her friend would be OK with the fact that her cats had sampled the powder............


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Write a story inspired by a work of art. Make the artwork your featured image and give credit to the artist in the caption.

You can read about the challenge fully here.

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  • Heather Hubler12 months ago

    Oh, those naughty kitties!! They got into the 'good stuff'. Looks like Mother might as well too now, lol. What a joy to read :)

  • Oh, no! Not a dime bag! I guess those cats are going to be wired for the rest of the day.

  • Hahahhaha this was so funny! Muffy and Fluffy are so adorable!

  • Babs Iverson12 months ago

    Marvelous story!!! Love the dialog !!!❤️❤️💕

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