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Riley Raul Reese4 months ago
Creepy Gifts Every Horror Fan Would Love
Horror fans are awesome people who typically have a fascination with the dark, the morbid, and to a point, the mysterious. They are great friends and can be the perfect pal for a movie suggestion, how...
Ashley Delozier4 months ago
Dogs and Water
Do you like to take your dog on vacation? Maybe to the beach or the lake? Could your dog sit by the water dish and drink all day long for hours on end? Have you ever heard of water intoxication? Did y...
GLAUX CHEM 4 months ago
10 Science-Backed Ways Natural Oil Reduces The Appearance Of Scars
There are a million ways to make having scars sound like it’s great. We can say that they tell stories. We can say that they “add character,” or that they “help show who we really are.” At the end of ...
Selena Lundy4 months ago
5 Stages of a College Senior
Every year, over a million students graduate from colleges all over the globe. They stand proud in their cap and gowns, ready to take their diploma with a smile. To the audience, they’re entirely pois...
Gregory Segal4 months ago
Street Photography in Venice and Padua
Venice: The eye in this city acquires an autonomy similar to that of a tear. The only difference is that it doesn't sever itself from the body but subordinates it totally. After a while – on the third...
Ellie Reeves4 months ago
The Rise of Digital Publishing
The growing market for digital publishing is showing no signs of slowing down. New writers are discovering an organic and accessible publishing power with a near unlimited audience. Amazon, e-books and applications like Create Space have opened up fresh avenues for authors to gain recognition for their work.

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