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Kate Lynn4 months ago
What's Your Number? #9
This was a hard one to write. Not because it's hard to admit Peter is #9 on this list. But because it's hard to talk about him without delving into our relationship and I just don't have the time or e...
Michael Wolff4 months ago
DmC - Dante
With the phenomenal success of video game Devil May Cry 4, the white-haired demon hunter Dante was in more demand than ever. However, parent company Capcom and Ninja Theory felt the original Dante’s t...
Mackenzie Kennedy4 months ago
Sparkling Wine and Food Pairing Guide
Most people know that sparkling wine (erm "champagne") goes well with almost every dish. In fact, one of the classic rules of thumb is that champagne should be used as a go-to when you aren't sure wha...
Matthew Ehrlich4 months ago
A Big Man's Hollywood
*Note — I wrote this article ten years ago. Since then, I've moved back to New York, got married and left the industry. I currently work in nonprofits as the National Director of a small organization ...
Emma James4 months ago
An Open Letter to My Ex-Husband
When it comes to relationships, we stay with people for all kinds of reasons. Those with children say “stay together for the kids.” Some people stay together because they believe if they separate or d...
Clare Scanlan4 months ago
Competition Horses and Disease
Competition horses travelling regularly to shows are prone to catching any disease that is prevalent at the time, particularly those that are viral diseases passed on by contact or through the air. Eq...

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