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A Real Joint Venture
Few things say “normal” like television, our public square, our soapbox in Hyde Park, our platform for the popular and unpopular alike. For friends of herb who watch TV, BurnTV, a new West Coast-based...
Darryl Richiea year ago
The False Prophet
I’m a huge fan of Investigation Discovery, and two weeks ago I came across a new show called Shattered. Shattered is about the impact of a crime, and what follows that life-changing collision. Connect...
Glen Warrena year ago
Extreme Frugality from the Victorians
We’ve all read the click bait headlines: How I cut my grocery bill in half! I saved 50K in one year! Most of the time those tricks of saving are just reigning in frivolous spending, or benefiting from...
Uldouz Wallacea year ago
Noel Leon and Uldouz Wallace Answer All Your Questions
Noel and I collaborate a lot on Instagram - we laugh, we pose, and then we laugh some more! We get interviewed a lot, so we decided to ask each other some tough questions: what our love lives are like...
Amanda Stampera year ago
Must Have Cat Toys
Most people either like cats or they don't -- there is usually no neutral feeling on felines. So, if you prefer dogs over cats, then this list isn't something you need to worry about. For the rest of ...
Jaecub Matthewsa year ago
Is It Me or What I See?
I see ignorance within the races. Ignorance within elemental places. Like we think the act is what makes us popular with our peers. But more so, I see it as a way of hiding our fears. Is it me or am I...

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