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Rowan Mellora year ago
5 Tips on Dealing With Anxiety From an Anxious 22-Year-Old
All mental health problems can be a drag, but today I’m going to talk about anxiety as its the one on my mind (quite literally). The way we experience anxiety does not only vary from person to person,...
Top Ten Greatest Original Film Soundtracks
What makes a great soundtrack? Well, silly, it's something that enhances the film. It encourages imminent dread, or makes that final kiss actually mean something. Think about some of the scariest, hap...
Lucius Holmesa year ago
How To Fall In Love
Ah yes, the plight of all fools: falling in love. But, falling in love doesn't have to be difficult. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and healthy love is the most valuable. That being said, before ...
April Demarcoa year ago
Best Hairball Remedy Products for Cats
Not having to give your cat a bath is a great luxury. No other pet you get will likely clean themselves the way that cats do. However, this comes with some downfalls. The main one being a hairball. If...
Tabitha Renoa year ago
Charles 'Mass Murderer' Manson Dies at 83
Charles Milles Maddox, otherwise known as Charles Manson, is the wild-eyed man known for leading the Manson Family cult. Manson was deemed responsible for committing the infamous, disturbing murders o...
Ajone Alinaa year ago
For anyone who wasn’t already aware, I am worth immersing in. And for those who don’t recognize, Who try to drown me In their detached, weary, disheartening, Sonofabitch of a reality, Immerse in me. A...

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