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Lynn Stadela month ago
Night Rise
They say that night falls. They are mistaken. It rises from the land slowly like litmus in water. Unfurling inky tendrils of blue, reaching out and up to color the world in shades of mystery. Sweet is...
Jake Pinea month ago
Questions to Ask Before Joining the Air Force
When thinking about what military branch to enlist in, many people tend to overlook the Air Force. There are a few reasons for this, chief among them being the lack of all time great war movies dealin...
Mia Walkera month ago
Read This Before the New Year for a Successful 2018
The New Year is the time for new beginnings and second chances. Many people make many resolutions for the New Year in hopes of a happier, healthier, or more organized life. While it's great to have th...
Emily Finnigana month ago
What I Learned in My Gap Year
College has always been a rocky boat for me, especially leading up to my high school graduation. One minute I wanted to go, the next I didn’t. Looking back I always subconsciously knew that I wasn’t r...
Ryan Eppsa month ago
Scariest Paranormal Movies on Netflix
Oftentimes, you can find a great underrated horror movie on Netflix, but they might get lost within the myriad of provided genres. When it comes to finding any specific type of genre on Netflix, sifti...
Salty Circus a month ago
What Not to Do Around Service Dogs
I, too, was in the shoes of those who did not understand the acceptable public maneuvers for when a service dog and their handler were on the scene. We’ve all been there, making kissy noises, staring,...

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