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Kelsey Langea month ago
10 Mysterious Unsolved Hollywood Murders
Real-life mysteries are always interesting. And when you combine them with the mystique of Hollywood, you've certainly captured the interest of many. It's basically reading the best must-read detectiv...
Maurice Berniera month ago
Car, Van, or SUV?
I love cars and vans and SUVs. They have been burned into my brain since I was knee-high to a grape. Strange enough, I've had many cars—two vans and only one SUV. Enough about me. What about YOU? What...
Ben Leacha month ago
5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Personal Brand
Social media accounts for 28 percent of the amount of time spent on the internet in total and each user spends an average of nearly two hours each day scrolling through their feeds. But have you ever ...
Madison Rheama month ago
I'm Not the Pretty Girl
Do you ever feel like you're not going to find your soulmate? I definitely know that feeling. I also know the feeling of thinking that you're not enough for someone. I know the feeling when your mom o...
These 10 iPhone X Photographs Prove Why You Need to Try Moment's Attachment Lenses
It's no secret that the iPhone X is now one of the most affordable (and commonplace) ways to take amazing photographs. Would-be photographers are now using iPhones in order to take shots while they sa...
Heather Teresea month ago
Orthorexia: The Eating Disorder You've Never Heard Of
Nowadays, fuel for a negative body image is everywhere. We see it in magazines, store windows, TV ads, social media, basically everywhere we look there’s another photo shopped body telling us we aren’...

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