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Dr. Rondaa month ago
Pal Joey
Looking at the screen of the CAT scan I think, ‘Now this in authentic Reality TV.’ I am blinking fast and furious faucets of tears as if I think I can lift off and out of this cramped, over-heated off...
Justin Maurya month ago
Best Erotic Illustrators You Should Follow on Instagram Right Now
Erotic illustration is so hot right now — and we're not just talking about the sexiness of the content, either! Throughout Instagram, people are showing their own take on human sexuality, and many of ...
Ed Greena month ago
How To Make Burnie Brownies
Melty chocolate. Warm, crispy edges. A soft, gooey inside. We’re talking about brownies! Brownies are a long time favorite for cannabis enthusiasts and non-users alike. You can eat it à la mode with a...
Mike Dineena month ago
Top 10 Movies That Will Make Your Skin Crawl
There are the horror movies that make you jump, others leave you breathless, and others make you scream and close your eyes. But a movie that can make your skin crawl as you sit there squirming in you...
best_of _Taraa month ago
Have You Ever Had Your Fortune Told on Your Travels?
The queue was long and disorderly which made me more anxious. The monk on the other side of the counter, dressed in his traditional orange robe, was solemnly taking the thin, pink pieces of paper give...
Steven Baldrya month ago
Straight or Gay?
Straight or Gay ? Am I straight or gay ? I heard you say... I ask why it bothers you anyway ? Why judge a man by what's in his heart. Why judge another when you never walked their path. I am a sensiti...

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