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Skunk Uzekia month ago
Terrible Car Brands That No Longer Exist
The other day, I was at a parking lot near a friend's house. My friend doesn't live in a good area, and as you can imagine, some of his neighbors have pretty terrible cars. One of his neighbors has a ...
You Wanna Make a Music Video?
If you saw either of my last two music videos, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “That was pretty cool!” Or perhaps not. Either way, if you’re considering making your own video or are an overly st...
Matthew Eylera month ago
You Were Only a Little Abused
"I'm so sorry, Mom," I cried. These words frequently echoed off my lips, resounding in a deafening silence from my mother. Most kids in my generation feared being grounded, losing privileges, or some ...
Easy Chicken Crock Pot Recipes
If you listen to cartoon catchphrases, everything "tastes like chicken." However, if you actually eat chicken, then you know that its flavor is irreplaceable and it's absolutely delicious. That's why ...
Tarin Campanellaa month ago
LGBTQ – What's That A For?
I logged onto Facebook yesterday and discovered it was National Coming Out Day. How exciting! A lot of my queer friends wrote beautiful and bold posts about their experiences and their identities. Som...
David Bulleya month ago
Stop Using “Snowflake” As an Insult
It is fun to turn around and use the insult intended for liberal progressives on the conservative base in an attempt to point out how poorly conservatives react to having their feelings hurt. The insu...

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