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The continuous high temperature interferes with the cell phone signal: the network speed has slowed down!

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By Nell JonasPublished about a year ago 3 min read

According to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, in the next 10 days (August 17-26), there will still be persistent high temperature weather in Sichuan Basin, Jianghan, Jianghan, Jiangnan and other places, with a cumulative high temperature of 7 to 10 days. The highest temperature in the above areas can reach 35 to 38 ℃, and the local temperature can exceed 40 ℃.

According to a comprehensive study, the duration of this regional high temperature heat wave event in China will continue to be extended, and the comprehensive intensity will be further enhanced.

Recently, when you are holding your mobile phone in the heat wave, do you feel that the Internet speed is not as fast as before, that the page cannot be opened or that the game is very stuttered, or even feel that the signal is much worse when you make a phone call?

Many people will think that it is their mobile phone problem, but things are not as simple as they think.

In fact, the record high temperature is bringing a lot of unexpected effects, such as bad phenomena in our mobile phones.

China Mobile Hangzhou Branch personnel said: "now to deal with the impact of atmospheric waveguides on communication signals is one of our most important daily work."

Then what is the atmospheric waveguide?

Atmospheric waveguide is an abnormal atmospheric structure, which mainly affects the propagation path and range of electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere, resulting in some special propagation characteristics in communication, detection, navigation and other systems.

Atmospheric waveguides are mainly caused by atmospheric temperature inversion (temperature increases with height) and humidity inversion (water vapor density decreases rapidly with height).

Recently, due to the continuous high temperature under the influence of the subtropical high, the humidity near the stratum is relatively high, and the middle and upper layers are drier, which is easy to form the situation of humidity inversion. At the same time, the inversion layer is easy to appear when the temperature drops at night.

The atmospheric waveguide is like a conduit suitable for wireless signal propagation on the ground and in the atmosphere, and the signal from far away can reach the signal near the local interference. The propagation loss of the wireless signal in the atmospheric waveguide is very small, and the base station signal is transmitted downlink through the atmospheric waveguide for hundreds of kilometers, and falls into the uplink receiving window of the near-end base station, causing uplink interference.

The signal of the mobile phone is transmitted in the air in the form of electromagnetic waves. when the mobile phone makes a call, it converts the voice into a signal, and then sends it to the nearest base station An in the form of electromagnetic wave. after the antenna of base station A receives the signal, it is forwarded by the wireless device convergence transmission network equipment and then forwarded to the switch to base station B, which covers the other party's mobile phone signal, and then the base station B sends the signal to the other party's mobile phone. After receiving the signal, the mobile phone converts the signal into voice, so as to realize the conversation between the two sides. Communication between the mobile phone and the base station antenna is the key. The waveguide mainly interferes with the signal between your mobile phone and the base station.

For us, the most direct feeling is that the Internet speed is not good and the communication is not clear.

However, the signal caused by high temperature is not good. As ordinary users, we really don't have any solutions. If the signal difference does affect normal use, you can call the service hotline of the operator to which your phone belongs. Ask their technicians to determine if optimization is needed.


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