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New Gadgets of 2018 You Won't Believe Exist

Now ever closer to the future, so close in fact we can almost see it, the new gadgets of 2018 aren't just smart anymore; they're revolutionizing intelligent technology.

By Salvador LorenzPublished 6 years ago 11 min read
Top Story - January 2018

About a decade ago, I guarantee there were teams and teams of scientists and engineers alike who were effectively brainstorming the very world of tech we all share today. And, while the likes of virtual reality technologies become enhanced each and everyday, in addition to the profuse updates being preformed on the smart home concept, wireless communications, and even space flight, it's safe to say that another ten years down the road will only be the more frightening if the themes from Black Mirror have to say anything about it. Of course, a fictional television series reminiscent of the Twilight Zone shouldn't be effecting how I see the future of technology, but I have to say it's truly daunting when you stop to think about it. These all new brands, products, and inventions are being unveiled over at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018, but the question still stands: Are these sleek, modern tech toys paving the way for our future, or holistically curtailing it by limiting the possibilities of further technological advancement going into the future?

With net neutrality out the window and online privacy concepts a thing of the far flung past, it's becoming more and more apparent how our internet connectivity has been one of the most important ideals in the enhancing of future technologies. With that being said, artificial intelligence may not be so futuristic as you think: meet Olly, your personal trainer, for example, or the craze that's been imbued with Hanson Robotics' Sophia, a now world class traveling android with surprisingly extreme intelligent capabilities. The world of tech and the extensive lengths of data available on the net have been successfully intertwined to bring you not only truly adaptive and life-changing products, but somewhat terrifying possibilities when pressed with the whole picture. Whether you're prepared, or not, the following brand new gadgets of 2018 only prove that far more complex technological avenues are being invented as we speak, shooting us into the fold of a futuristic now, and making the actual present nothing but a memory that's been stored and downloaded on a floppy disk. We can only hope that beneficial concepts like the limiting of online hacking and environmental issues are the true elements being expounded upon in our updated 2018 technology roundup.

Zungle by Zungle

Though it may not sound like a futuristic sci-fi piece of tech wonder, the Zungle is a blend of concepts like the Google Glass and Microsoft's Zune, bringing to the market a whole new area of auditory entertainment that actually intends to change the way we experience music itself. Forget wearing those potentially damaging headphones or earbuds! Zungle is rectifying the way we listen to our music by putting it on our faces instead of in our ears.

The Zungle product looks like a pair of sophisticated wayfarers, but in fact they're a completely revolutionized form of multi-media player that taps into your head to play music literally throughout your mind. While it may sound like a terrifying new Black Mirror episode, they're actually among new gadgets of 2018. Utilizing what is called bone conduction technology, the Zungle intends to literally transmit music into your head, rather than blasting it through your ears, potentially damaging your hearing.

Flip by Samsung

Who needs TVs anymore when the quality of truly enhanced projector screens fused with a penchant for digital collaboration has no sooner evolved, blossoming now into Samsung’s rather intriguing new product design called simply Flip. Think back to high school, possibly even grammar school, and just remember those ancient whiteboards that flipped back and forth with its dual-sided surface.

Now, Samsung is taking that very same concept and implementing it with superior smart technology and digital propensity for an even more sophisticated smart board that utilizes a highly powerful multi-user interface. In other words, board meetings never were so personal before. The Flip allows multiple users to interact and communicate at the same time on one 55 inch crystalline projected screen, effectively enhancing modern day business twofold. This revolutionary Samsung tech, among the new gadgets in 2018, costs a whopping $2700, honestly a steal for what you’re inevitably receiving, which is basically constant in-depth communication and productivity imagines like never before.

Smartshoe by Digitsole

Just when you thought nothing else could become "smart" they then went ahead and invented these sweet smart shoes that cross digital constructive data with performance exercise to enhance your everyday walking routine. Sounds like a lot for one of many smart gadgets you didn't know existed, but when you see these new gadgets of 2018, you're left wondering just how close we are from hover boards and teleportation pads. Similar to those fashionable Nikes from Back to the Future: Part II, here we have the next best thing: Digitsole Smartshoe, the world's very first sophisticated and advantageous footwear that is not only a supportive, health benefiting product, it's going to be the very future of intertwining technology with everyday attire.

Before donning these sweet kicks for a midnight job, check out the Digitsole Smartshoe Kickstarter page for the most updated information on release, price, and available components. For starters, these tech savvy sneakers come with heated insoles, auto-tightening, a micro-USB drive, plus a fully operational application that can be utilized to track your optimal gait and analyze your walking through 3D graphics.


Have you ever read Stephen King's Under the Dome? Well, similar in theory, Muzo is a brand new technology that is attempting to design and implement "safe space" zones for quality one on one contact. That's right, a literal bubble is what Muzo intends to offer, though provided through the sophisticated auditory capabilities of your smartphone.

By tapping into your own personalized level of comfort, for which you can toggle at the simple push of a button, Muzo drowns out unwanted, or more accurately, unnecessary surrounding sounds. This it determines by way of various settings and user accessibilities that target specific levels of quiet, giving you 're very own zone of utter relaxation and stress-free silence. You can sign me up for one of the most interesting new gadgets of 2018.

WF-SP700N by Sony

While tackling all new OLED integration with optimized noise ratios for quality surround sound without the need for speakers, Sony has also invented some expertly remarkable earphones that are both noise cancelling and connect via wireless Bluetooth compatibility. Called, rather mysteriously, the SP700N, these all new gadgets of 2018 will reshape the way wireless Bluetooth speaker sounds, both in quality performance enhancement and outlasting durability, due to the fact that these slick earbuds are actually intended for fitness, rather than luxury wear.

Much like these bad boys, Sony is also integrating Google Assistant into their older model headphones for a data driven, smart tech auditory future that will revamp the headphone/earbud market, or possibly disrupt all rival products unlike ever before. This will directly affect Amazon Alexa and the Echo Show, despite their own innovations among the future of tablet innovation. Although Apple still owns and operates Beats headphones, superior sound technology has seemingly dropped out of reach for their nearly $1 billion investment, despite still being among the most sophisticated listening devices, up there with the likes of Bose and Sony, itself. Clearly, the SP700N is one of those new forms of technology that we should all be keeping an eye on as sophistications and integrations are tacked on in the coming months.

Plume by Plume Labs

One of the more remarkable new gadgets of 2018 is Plume. What looks like a fashionable handheld speaker is actually a revolutionized air register that tracks pollution and identifies compounds in the air that could be potentially dangerous to breathe. It's a truly adaptable concept, especially for the fact that it's incredibly mobile, given the attached grip and snug comfortability.

Plume may not be one of the most sophisticated or jaw dropping pieces of equipment to come out of 2018, but as far as crazy inventions go, this has got to take the cake. It's also among must have gadgets to improve energy efficiency, since you'll be able to cut down on your own levels of pollution production. If you live in a highly populated urban setting, Plume is one of those brand new gadgets that can effectively lead you to a safer, cleaner and greener 2018.

Project Linda by Razer

For the past decade or so, tech companies have been aspiring to engineer a quality smartphone-powered laptop to enhance the way we operate on a mobile level without restricting the more complex aspects provided by superior laptops and computers. While none have been truly successful, Razer's got something up their sleeve and have crafted it as among new gadgets of 2018.

Project Linda abides by the notion of being a sophisticated and adapted smart phone tablet laptop fusion. Thanks to the processing power packed in the Razer Phone, in addition to the 13-3 inch screen from the Blade Stealth, the company's promising gaming laptop, the Linda Project has never looked so inviting. This concept has been years in the making, so if it proves to be as revolutionary as the company, and many of its critics, are vying, than we may see the next step in wireless communications and the production of more complex mobile systems, all of which having the potential of occurring within the next 18 months down the road.

Proof by Milo Sensors

New gadgets of 2018 are now looking to bring beneficial health concepts and constantly updating internal body aspects directly to your attention by way of sophisticated new inventions, like Milo Sensors' Proof. This is one of those cool gadgets that will get you out of a DUI, or something far worse, by way of tracking your blood alcohol content levels.

This one of those inventions you must see to believe, despite the fact that it looks like a regular FitBit. It measures your alcohol content level by testing your skin's perspiration and sends the registered data directly to your smartphone or tablet. It's truly a remarkable product that can reduce the possibility of accidents far into the future if implemented in the right ways.

ORII by Origami Labs

Step aside Apple Watch, we now have one of the most inviting new gadgets of 2018, Origami Labs' ORII. Appearing more like a luxurious fashion statement, ORII is in fact another one of those revolutionizing wireless mobile technologies, akin to the smartwatches of yesterday. Instead of monopolizing on that bulky, rather expensive timepiece tech, ORII has been designed in the likeness of a ring so as to improve upon a multitude of factors that the smartwatches sincerely lack.

ORII is a water resistant, full hands-free control ring for your smartphone. Think of it as an extension of your phone, which will now never be lost thanks to the ORII finder component. Add to that a host of other sweet possibilities on the ring, like crystal clear voice calling, message sending, posting to social media, and so much more, there's very little to detest about this superior new form of technology. Talk about the future; this device is that step ever closer to when we literally get married to our smartphones.

Family Hub Smart Fridge by Samsung

Before electricity and the concept of refrigeration, people would simply stuff their spoil-prone foods into layers and layers of ice and snow, either in a self-contained and controlled environment or literally outside on their lawn. Now, though, one of the new gadgets of 2018 is, of course, a revolutionized smart fridge made by Samsung. Not to mention the behemoth size of this thing, the smart fridge is meant to tally your remaining food reserves, in addition to keeping track of spoiled goods.

Samsung's extraordinary digital assistant Bixby comes standard on all smart fridges, which almost makes this inanimate machine one of your best friends. It's got a fully touchscreen interface for optimized performance, allowing you to seamlessly order groceries from the pleasure of your kitchen, rearrange and organize schedules, plus even has entertainment features. Having evolved from refrigerating our goods in the snowy ground, to come to the Samsung's smart fridge is truly remarkable and, to say the least, mind boggling when taking into account its extensive amount of features.

HD Racer Drone by Yuneec

If you thought past technologies couldn't get more advanced, think again. Drones, while having exploded in the past five years, are limited by a number of technological factors, but it seems Yuneec is pushing those boundaries even more so by implementing sophisticated tech features, like 20-megapixel cameras (which shoots 4K video at 60 frames per second), high powered longer lasting batteries, quadcopter components, and even more interesting aspectual designs (their Firebird FPV is shaped in the likeness of an airplane, rather than a copter).

While Yuneec's line of particularly unique drone sets are more impressive than anticipated, the HD Racer is their most inexpensive new invention (costing a mind-boggling $179 for one of the most sophisticated drones on the market). That's not even the half of it, what with the Typhoon H Plus, which is their most expensive and upgraded product, which flies in at a hot $1,799. While drones may not hold the same fervor they once did three or so years ago, their proprietary technology could be enhanced in many more futuristic ways to help benefit the environment, urban city policing, televised sports programs, entertainment in general, and so much more as we fold into the contemporary tech world.


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