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Must Have Gadgets to Improve Energy Efficiency

Your home may be your temple, but our Earth is the truest temple of all. Keep it safer by utilizing any of these gadgets to improve energy efficiency.

By Salvador LorenzPublished 6 years ago 6 min read
Top Story - January 2018

Don't waste hot water, keep your AC constantly running, or leave the bathroom light on all day. It's an absolute waste of our energy usage, which is in high demand as of late, if you haven't noticed. Energy efficient products, like the RavenWindow smart glass innovation, water conserving shower heads by evolve, or the Powerwall home batteries made by Tesla, all share in the practice of progressing technology to better suit our feet on this planet's soil.

It's simple really: cut back, use less electricity, find more time to conserve your energy spending, much like your finances. What makes these awesome gadgets doubly necessary is their price tags, too. Affordable and energy efficient — what more could you ask for? Save your money, save the world. It's as easy as that when you've got one of these must have gadgets to improve energy efficiency.

One of the coolest and most energy efficient ways to make your home a smart home is by installing LED smart bulbs, which basically give you God-like powers over your in-home illumination.

A pack of four bulbs, costing only $50, gives you LED automated lighting like never before, though you will have to purchase the Hue Bridge for them to work. Once installed, you can have full control over your electrical energy consumption by way of their all purpose application. Whether you get them out of style, or the need to conserve energy, the LED smart bulbs by Philips are among must have gadgets to improve energy efficiency.

To go along with your brand new Philips LED smart bulbs, try one of the best eco-friendly gadgets, one that is likewise a member of must have gadgets to improve your energy efficiency. WeMo's Insight switch helps you control your home energy and conserve your overall dependency on electricity.

Instead of leaving lights on all day long, or even forgetting to turn them off when you're headed away for awhile, the WeMo Insight switch allows you to control your home illumination from anywhere in the world with its free app. There's no hub or subscription needed, all that's required is a one-way connection light. The Insight switch can even be programmed to control all of your home electronics, so start energy saving today!

This is a learning thermostat, a tool that knows your preferred in-home temperatures and remembers your daily routine. More accurately, it's one of the best thermostats for smart homes and, likewise, is among gadgets to improve your energy efficiency. The thermostat is an important form of home energy and, if switched out for Nest, can make a huge difference on your energy bill.

The programmable thermostat is called Nest. It has smart technology that make its components both intuitive and fluid. Nest has features like auto-schedule, which adjusts room temperatures to your convenience, home or away assist, which determines when to shut itself off, and even energy history that helps track and conserve your home's energy output.

While XD Design may have some really remarkable solar powered window chargers, they often come at a hefty penny. To save money and energy this new year, try these solar powered window chargers, which are made by Touch of ECO.

These really neat and forward thinking devices are literally meant for the future. You paste the device onto a window, preferably one with abundant sunlight, by using their suction cups and can charge your cell phone for up to three hours. Before long, everyone will be buying these must have gadgets to improve energy efficiency.

For the best in exterior home lighting that also conserves energy, Yescom has some neat LED solar powered garden lights that can really brighten up your front or backyard. Fully charged, they can last for up to eight hours of bright white LED illumination.

That's not all they can be uses for though. Their featured bracket aspect allows each light to practically be installed on any ledge or surface; on doors, in walkways, over stairways, even atop mirrors, if you want. These LED lights also have IP44 weatherproof protection for all around durability.

If you're the reading type, but also a huge eco friendly energy saver, this solar powered book light is perfect for life on the go, or pesky spouses. Whether you've got a long flight ahead of you, or your wife's sleeping patterns make it difficult to read at night, the Glovion LED book light is one of the most practical gadgets to improve energy efficiency.

There's a brightness setting, so even if your spouse still complains about your late reading, you'll be able to lower it on a dime. That's both literally and figuratively, since the light also saves you valuable money on home energy, too.

This energy saving washing machine and portable cleaning device is a new way at looking at both hot water and energy consumption when cleaning clothes. The Laundry POD, which is only $100, undoubtedly sets itself among the few gadgets to improve your energy efficiency this year.

Weighing a little over five pounds, the Laundry POD is meant for outdoors recreation, but it doesn't have to be. You can also cut down on your energy consumption by utilizing this device in your home, therefore also boosting home energy saving.

The thinkers behind evolve are doing some really cool stuff with water conservation practices and shower head gadgets. It's actually rather interesting, to say the least, since their revolutionary technology can save you eight gallons of water in every five minute shower. I think it's safe to say the Roadrunner shower heads are some must have gadgets to improve energy efficiency.

Their brand new Roadrunner II series, which is made out of chrome and solid brass fittings, looks sharp and acts it, too. Utilizing the company's ShowerStart TSV technology ensures the shower nozzle is operating a water conserving and clog free spray pattern.

One of the coolest gadgets for men on this list is this inflatable solar lantern. It's perfect for outdoor occasions, whether you're on a hunting trip or a boat outing, these Mpowered lanterns keep your surroundings lit up like it's the Fourth of July.

There's ten bright LED bulbs that shine in any weather conditions, in case of emergencies, plus it's waterproof and can float, thanks to its inflatable components. It's not so difficult to see how this solar lantern is among must have gadgets to improve energy efficiency.

Forget about batteries, you won't ever be worrying about those things when you have one of the best gadgets to improve energy efficiency: Logitech's wireless keyboard and mouse. Instead of wasting home energy, this sweet keyboard uses the power of the sun and other forms of light.

The mouse also has a high-performance cursor accuracy with its laser performance. They can both be connected to your computer via USB input, which is super fast and super easy to use, but is only compatible with PC. Stop wasting money on batteries, when you could be running your electronics with light, like this mouse; it can last for up to three years!

Doesn't look like much and it may be last on this list of must have gadgets to improve energy efficiency, but don't let these facets fool you. This thrillseeker solar backpack is perfect for the wanderlust and eco friendly pals in your life.

With its integrative material, made out of a solar fabric that converts light into electricity, the backpack chargers the internal batter all day, keeping every electronic in your possession at 100 percent capacity. Not to mention the fact that it looks really sleek, the Lumos solar backpack is without a doubt among must have gadgets to improve energy efficiency.


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