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Fastest Wireless Routers to Make the Most of Your Internet

Let's face it, the majority of wireless capabilities tend to be lackluster at best, but for some reason WiFi stays one step ahead by engineering the fastest wireless routers.

Fastest Wireless Routers to Make the Most of Your Internet

When the internet goes down, the primary reason we all tend to react with is the obvious router malfunction. There are plenty of reasons why you would want to improve your home connection, but one of the more probable is that too many devices clog up your much needed bandwidth channel. Thanks to the past few years in advanced technologies, the performances of everyday routers have drastically been modified. So much so that even the fastest wireless routers are obtainable today, some of which boasting record speeds with top notch features from security, to performance gaming.

You wouldn't believe some of the awesome techie improvements these routers can have on your overall internet experience. It raises some intriguing questions on the advantages of smart homes and their progress into the future, but more importantly it also makes us more attuned to the ebb and flow of web traffic.

Offered in a variety of ranges, whether you want 4,000 or 7,500 square feet of high performance WiFi, NETGEAR's Orbi is one of the fastest wireless routers. It's the perfect gadget for the whole family to enjoy over the holidays.

It's tri-band network allows for seamless internet connectivity without constraint and optimizes speed for as long as you have the device. It's an easy setup that can be split into multiple positions in the home under one name and allows for a guest network, all of which can be easily patched with your existing service carrier.

The AC2300 has a multitude of features, from link aggregation, which allows the connectivity of 2 Gigabit LAN ports for double the connection speeds, to AP mode, a switch setting on the individual router itself that gives it an extra boost in speeds without replacing the hardware entirely.

It's one of the fastest wireless routers to make the most of your internet, because it streams 4K video in an instant with its 802.11ac Wave 2 Mu-MIMO WiFi and comes with its own VPN server.

With its more affordable price tag coming in at around $70, in addition to its upgradable components and sleek design, this product by Asus holds its own among the fastest wireless routers available at a price that can't be beat.

The AC1300 comes with a 2x2 Mu-MIMO WiFi technology that can reach past 1000 megabytes a second, a 3.0 integrated USB port, and four external antennas for multi-device ranges. You can even monitor all of the router's traffic through the ASUS app on any smartphone or tablet.

Linksys is another hot commodity in the wireless internet marketplace, making some of the best and longest lasting products. None so much as stand a chance when compared to the lightning speeds of the AC1750 Dual-Band, one of the fastest wireless routers available and quite possibly one of the few smart gadgets you didn't know existed.

Although it's another one of the MU-MIMO WiFi examples, this "smart" wireless router is considered next generation. It reaches 1.7 Gigabytes per second and can run a simultaneous dual band network of 2.4 and 5 Gigahertz WiFi. It's also certified by practically every operating system from MacOS and Windows 8, to Firefox and Google Chrome.

You wouldn't typically think of seeing Google as a provider for a home network that's reliable, but they in fact offer one of the fastest wireless routers around. Their WiFi system is optimized to cover 4,5000 square feet from the start, so you can toggle how much coverage you'll actually use.

These routers also come with Network assistant technology, which utilizes the least-trafficked and most reliable channel for swift online transactions. There's also a nifty app that comes with the router, making both installation and long-term use a breeze.

Not only does it look promising, D-Link's Tri-Band AC3200 router utilizes a 600 mbps speed in 2.4 Gigahertz, while also offering double that when set in 5 Gigahertz, promising for exceptional performance even when bogged by a multitude of attached devices.

The AC3200 is one of the fastest wireless routers currently made. It comes loaded with cool features, such as advanced security protocols, AC SmartBeam for enhanced WiFi traffic monitoring across devices, and a 1GHz dual processor that dramatically boosts both wired and wireless connections.

For the more gaming-exclusive of internet prowlers, the ASUS AC3100 is an instant must have, since it's one of the fastest wireless routers with its dual band 802.11ac 4x4 technology.

The product even comes with a built-in access to WTFast Gamers Private Network, which helps to minimize ping constraints while playing online. It also brings you constant reliable bandwidth by using the ASUS smart connect featrue, giving the router an option to switch seamlessly from 2.4 to 5GHz of bands based on speed.

Adding a unique touch to its own product, Securifi's Almond has its own display screen that allows for easy, instant access and a setup process that they boast is no more than three minutes-time. It's a multi-purpose gadget that can be used for boosting range, as an access point, bridge, or router.

In addition to its wide variety of nifty tricks, the Almond is also one of the fastest wireless routers on display. For what it can do and the variety of modes it utilizes, the Almond makes for a highly useful wireless product to enhance your internet speeds enormously.

It's the best product for streaming online entertainment, the TP-Link AC1900. Like many other among the fastest wireless routers, this one also uses simultaneous dual band networks, switching from the low-grade 2.4 to the 5GHz bandwidth without skipping a beat.

This one comes with Beamforming technology, which helps to locate devices more accurately for a more concise wireless internet connectivity, one that also utilizes the 1GHz dual-core processor for uninterrupted internet traffic.

For the next grade in internet optimization, heralded among the best for 2018, Synology's RT2600AC has a 1.7GHz dual-core processor that makes it one of the fastest wireless routers in availability.

The product also includes some promising features, like Smart Connect that seamlessly decides range over speed, Layer 7 control that monitors traffic for acceleration, and dual WAN that assists in load balancing. For unbelievable speeds with a router that can be trusted for time and expense, Synology has crafted one of the most worthy products with its RT2600AC.

As the final listing among the fastest wireless routers, TRENDnet has their incredible router that supports quad-streaming and StreamBoost low latency for the most optimized online gaming experiences.

In addition to being fast, the AC2600 is also smart. With four detachable antennas, all Gigabit wired ports, and a 1.4GHz dual-core processor, there's few that can match this product's ample performance and superior gaming expertise.

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