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Create and Sell AI Graphic Design Prompts & Tutorials on Amazon

It is easier than you think! Here is how I did it.

By Nagoh Creative (Greg)Published 28 days ago Updated 28 days ago 3 min read
Created in Canva and Leonardo Ai

Last year when Ai took off I jumped both feet first into creating content. As an artist, this new technology opened a new medium for me to jump into and create. I have always wanted to be a graphic designer, but that level of artistic ability is just not in my blood. I try and will keep trying, but Ai just made it easier to take a few leaps forward.

My plan was simple really. Write prompts and lots of them. Focus on things that people liked. Examples of this were Animals, T-shirts, Flowers, and anything else that seemed to be appealing to other creators.

The first book I put together was “Amazing Animal Prompts” using Leonardo.AI

I created an outline of what I wanted to cover, which included all the basics of using their website. They have so many tooks and optionsbuilt in. It rather incfedible wat canbe accomplised with webtools these days. I then started writing prompts that created the look and feel I wanted. There are some useful tips when it comes to building out prompts. I cover this with great detail. Do not be afraid to find prompts tools online, but my goal was to do all that work for the reader and put it all in one place.

Creating an outline and simple format, this was the hardest part of this process, which was to cover all the basics. I wanted it to be easy to follow and simple to execute. I wanted this to be available for all users.

I explained what prompts are, how they work, and why it is important to use proper words, and descriptions to get the outcome and feel of what it is you are trying to accomplish. The fun part is playing with it. There is also negative prompts, this is when you want to leave things out of the images that get created. Crazy right? Postive and negative prompt words? Yes thats a thing.

Once I was done creating all the content I converted the documents to PDF and uploaded them to Amazon's KDP program which is free to sign up for. I have had pretty good success with this program. They made the process as fool proof as possible. They cover all the basics of what to check for and will even help you design your cover. This allows you to publish ebooks into their Kindle Store. I also want to stress the ease and use of canva.com which is also free for the basics. This made organzing and exporting so much easier for me.

Here are links to those books:

Book 1: Amazing Animal Prompts for Leonard Ai.

Book 2: Amazing T-Shirt Prompts for Leonard Ai.

Book 3: Amazing Flower Prompts for Leonard Ai.

Now that you made it to the end I will share with you one of these books for free! Enjoy! Amazing Animal Prompts by Nagoh Creative

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my tutorial. This is my first attempt and putting to paper the steps of something I worked on. I have many more like this, and with enough positive feed back I think I will do more. Knowlede is a wonderful thing to share. We live in a pretty exciting time, even for an old man like me.

A final note I will leave you with is this. This process allowed me to launch sticker stores on etsy and redbubble. I was able to sell t-shirts with fun and creative designs on printfy. All of this would not have been possible without others who helped document the way and share their knowledge.

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