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5 Ways To Protect Your Phone From Water Damage

If you are someone who is afraid of taking your phone to pool or water, know these tips and protect your phone. Knowing them, you can take your phone anywhere without any hassle.

By Janice CookPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

Have you ever been in a position of dropping your phone in water? Are you searching for ways to protect your smartphone from water? If yes, you have come to the right place. We will tell you the most effective ways to save your phone from water damage.

How To Protect Your Phone From Being Damaged By Water

With many indoor and outdoor water activities going on all the year-round, sometimes it becomes tough to keep your phone from water. The danger to the phone becomes even bigger during the summer when we frequent more rivers, beaches, pools, or other environments to get relief from the heat.

But these places are no less than a disaster for your smartphone. Even worse? Several insurance carriers don’t cover your phone if it has got damaged from water.

Thus, water damage seems to be a prevalent problem among smartphone users. Luckily, there are a few great ways to avoid this problem. Take into account the following ways to reduce the disaster that may arise when your phone falls into the water.

Avoid Bringing Your Phone To High-Risk Areas

Avoidance is the best defense against any potential water damage to your phone. While it is a hard pill to swallow, but the best way to save your phone from water damage is to keep it away from the risk areas.

Resist the urge to take your phone along with you while using the toilet or taking a shower. If you need to your favorite music when you are hanging out in a pool, consider Bluetooth speakers rather than a phone.

Leave your phone at a safe distance. Or, better leave your smartphone in a bag and take waterproof speakers with you to have water fun.

Smartphone Cases

Waterproof smartphone cases are all the rage nowadays, and for a good reason. While these protective cases may not be the archetype of elegance and design, they are one of the best ways to protect your smartphone from water.

Generally, these cases are made by combining silicones, polycarbonate, or other insulating materials that act as a shield to keep your phone from splashes. These cases are quite good at preventing water damage for a specific amount of time.

Don’t try to be a hero with this case, though. You don’t need to check if the case will keep your phone dry if it gets deeply submerged in water. These protective cases are best for dunks, spills, or rains. So, you need to worry about the phone protection if it comes in contact with water accidentally.

The importance of phone hygiene has never been important than now. If you want to prevent water damage, while ensuring phone hygiene, a washable phone case is an ideal solution. Once you install this case over your phone, you can even wash it with soap and water and keep it clean. It is perhaps the best thing about a washable case.

Silica Gel Packets

You might have seen small packets of clear beads in shoe boxes or bags with words, ‘DO NOT EAT’ on them. They serve the purpose of absorbing and holding water vapors or humidity. These packets can be useful after your smartphone takes a dive into the toilet.

Just stick your phone in a plastic bag full of small packets of silica gel. Seal the bag and let these little beads do their magic. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about any dust or mess getting inside your phone during the process.

Waterproof Pouches

Don’t feel like keeping your smartphone in an airtight case? Don’t worry! A waterproof pouch is another line of defense for wet moments. Whether you are heading to a water park or a swimming pool, they are perfect for all the places where you need your phone but don’t have to use it constantly.

Slip your phone in this pouch, and you are ready to enjoy your day without worrying about your phone. However, they aren’t designed for long-term use. They can protect your device against splashes, wet fingers, though.

IP68 Certification For Your Smartphone

In recent years, several manufacturers have provided their smartphones with IP68 certification. It guarantees dust protection and resistance to water immersion.

Thus, IP certification shows that the device is resistant to specific dust and water conditions.

Not all IP certifications are equal, though. The two digits accompanying IP determines the device’s resistance. These numbers indicate the degree of protection the device offers.

To Conclude

Hopefully, now you have sufficient knowledge on how to protect your phone against water damage. Go ahead and enjoy to the fullest in water parks, pools, without worrying about your phone.


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