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A two decade span of growing inspirations

By Jenia SilverPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
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This picture above might as well have been my first computer. I bought a used Apple laptop in 2008 from a local pawn store. It was not as ancient, yet it was out dated. Just like I felt that my first written and published articles were. Trying to go around the mainstream to write some original material.

In the last 18 years, I spent time on nine different sites that publish nearly anyone. Vocal.Media is the tenth site I have published on. Academia.edu is one site where my college papers are still readable. After completing my associates degree, I felt more at ease with being able to write. Communications, journalism and sociology were the main focus of my AA in Arts.

Some of my early short articles could have landed me that freelance writer role like I has hoped it would. Topics of soft news and community events are featured regularly in local weekly circulars. One focus found me taking selfies with Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman to cover a National Night Out of 2014 event in downtown. Yet, somehow I earned little money if any, and found almost no popularity.

From 2010 to 2013 my attempts to produce actual work under my name lead to me writing just around 50 articles. Several of the earlier sites would fall apart from the inside out. The IT Department was not more than a few people with non-networked computers attempting to file for more memory. Writers had to second guess how programs failed around spell checker being corrupted.

The first article I published on Vocal.Media just sat there with under 50 views for the last two years. It was a personal work related complaint written from my point of view. Being one of fifty drivers on the night shift driving a cab in Las Vegas- I was the only female. I had the insight to report crime: to go to the FCC, DOL, DHS, Metro PD Vice, EEOC, DOJ and other agencies. Still almost no one read my article about how I lost my job driving a cab. Every night Human trafficking was the big talk on the cab radio. Until the smartass managers at the cab companies refused to allow radio communications in the cars by refusing to pay the federal government's fines.

With all of the three letter agencies listed above, one could assume something was not right at the taxi company. No, it was not. The Federal Communications Commissions likely did fine the State of Nevada Taxi-Cab Authority over refusing to enforce the use of cabs not to communicate a crime. Did it pay me one dime to report it? No. I am still without a job. Obviously, more than intimidation is going on if women in the City of Las Vegas have to be advertised to make thousands of dollars a night by cab drivers.

Corruption from illegal profiteering, and constant possible life-long intimidations followed me as I remained jobless. Which is devastating to me. I liked to drive cab. I had many passengers who were grateful for the diligence I held my job. Which is why I wrote an additional article about the TA agency illegally seizing my 2014 Kia Soul. I was told to pay $10,000.00 in fines or I could not get me car back- and I did not get car back. Still I am awaiting to hear back my complaints.

While, Vocal.Media is an open platform, I still feel like an armature at writing. I wrote from the role of a vigilante who explained I refuse to sit back and do nothing. I have been without a car since January of this year. I assume I have to go to a civil court to file claims damages for the retaliation that I have experienced. Unless the federal government will enact to assist this person who reported crime.

Long story short corruption should not run the world or any state agency. My writing might not improve, but the reason to write might. Since, I have moved out of Nevada. I no longer live the Las Vegas Strip where the so-called deadly Red Light District established itself since the pandemic. Hopefully, I can readers.


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Jenia Silver

Jenia is from North Texas, college educated, loves to write and create stories. The years of internet publications have brought on many other sites. Vocal.Media is the fifth site to publish this creator.

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