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Whispers of the Moon


By Brian Wong Published about a month ago 1 min read

Deep in the evergreen forest, where the moon shines through the tall pines, lives a wolf named Lycan. Despite their fierce and wild nature, Lycans are lonely souls who long for companionship and love.

One night, as the moon bathed the forest in a silver light, the Lycan heard a soft song. Althea, a girl from a nearby village, played her flute under the starry sky. The music touched the Lycan's soul, and startled, he approached, fearing that the Lycan would fear his appearance. Althea, sensing someone's presence, stopped playing and looked around. Her eyes met the Lycan's, instead of screaming, she could see the softness in those eyes.

In a hollow voice, Lycan speaks of his loneliness and fills her nights with hope. Night after night, Althea returns to share her music with Lycan, and with each note the bond between them grows. Lycan showed him the wonders of the forest and Althea taught him about humanity and love. They found the perfect balance between worlds.

But their love is not easy. People who knew about the existence of lycanthropes were filled with fear and disbelief. Althea had the courage to protect her lover, saying that true love transcends circumstances and differences. As time goes by, people come to see and accept lycanthropes not as monsters, but as compassionate people who can love and be loved. Lycan and Althea proved that love can blossom even in the most unexpected circumstances and that true beauty lies in the soul.

And then, under the whispers of the moon, Lycan and Althea made love above nature and man, uniting their hearts into one heart. I hope this story has brought you to the world that love is the most powerful and transformative force. If you want the story to continue or diverge, we will be happy to publish it for you.

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Brian Wong

Hello, I'm Brian Wong , a 29-year-old aspiring writer dedicated to weaving captivating stories that resonate with the depths of human experience.

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