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Time flies

Time passes too fast too fast

By Brian Wong Published 6 days ago 2 min read

In the long river of time, people often sigh, and the sighs are like the long wind, floating in the long flow of time.

Some people lamented that spring was so short, as if it was just a blink of an eye, and the beautiful spring quietly disappeared. It is really the most difficult existence in this world to be retained for a long time. Spring is a beautiful season full of vitality and hope. When the first gentle spring breeze blows leisurely across the vast land, awakening all sleeping things, the grass timidly pokes out its green head, and the flowers Delicate smiles bloomed, trees slowly sprouted green buds, and the whole world was tightly enveloped by the vigorous vitality. However, before people could fully enjoy all this, the spring scenery passed by in a hurry and silently. The once delicate flowers gradually withered, and the once green and tender leaves began to become deep and heavy, as if all the beautiful things passed us by in a hurry, leaving only endless sadness and sighs. My heart is spinning.

Some people sighed, time passed too quickly, just like the flowers in the forest withered the red beauty of spring, it was so hurried. Time is like a surging, never-ending river, rushing forward all the time. We are struggling to move forward in the torrent of time. Before we have time to savor every moment, the days have quietly slipped away from our fingertips. The laughter and tears of the past, the dreams and pursuits of the past, have gradually become blurred under the wash of time. We always think that there is still tomorrow and the future, but when we suddenly look back, we are shocked to realize that many good times have gone forever. We who were once young have now become mature and steady; those once familiar faces may have gradually become unfamiliar. The rush of time makes us sigh with emotion, but also with a deep cherishment of life and ardent expectations for the future.

In these sighs, we deeply understand the incomparable preciousness of time, and also understand the importance of cherishing every moment. Although spring is short and time is rushing, we can still pursue the endless beauty in the limited time and write our own wonderful life chapter with heart.


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Brian Wong

Hello, I'm Brian Wong , a 29-year-old aspiring writer dedicated to weaving captivating stories that resonate with the depths of human experience.

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