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Really let go of a relationship

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By Brian Wong Published 2 months ago 4 min read

To truly let go of someone is not actually to delete or block them | To truly let go of someone is not to delete or block them, but that when others mention them, there will be no more waves in your heart. It’s easy to delete and block someone, but it takes time to really let go.

If you want to truly forget the person you once loved, all you need to do is to do these three things: no longer expect to contact and meet each other. Fate between people is actually determined. Most relationships have no ending. We are often just passers-by in other people's lives. No matter how vigorously they get along, when the fate between two people is over, there is no need to continue to interact.


In this life, we will have many regrets, and regrets are also an important part of life.

To truly let go of a relationship, a person often needs to go through five stages: The first stage: entanglement, pain, reluctance, and inability to forget.

The second stage: I wanted to contact the other party again, pressed the number, and then deleted it.

The third stage: No longer looking forward to getting back together, but the thought of it will hurt.

The fourth stage: When you see familiar scenes and smell familiar smells, you will think of the other person.

Stage 5: No more expectations for that person, like a dream.

When we truly come out of the last relationship, we no longer have expectations or emotions for the person before. His good and bad, the sweetness and pain he brought have all become distant memories.

After I stopped paying attention to his news for a period of time after breaking up, I always looked forward to learning about the other person’s life from different places. You always secretly check his social media to see his latest updates.

I always inquire about the other person's information from familiar friends; I always think of meeting him accidentally in the place where he has been active. Although they have been separated, you have never forgotten them in your heart.

The way he smiles, the way he speaks, and the places the two of them walk by will all become the white moonlight in your heart. You hate yourself, why you still can't forget the other person when he caused you harm. The more you want to forget, the harder it is to forget. Real letting go is actually silent.

Although you threw away the gifts he gave you, deleted all contact information, and dismantled the models the two of you built together, the flavor of each other still lingers in your heart. When one day you find that you no longer pay attention to his news, no longer look at his updates, and occasionally a friend mentions it, and your heart is magnanimous, it means that you have truly let go. There is a saying on the Internet: It is a sign of true maturity.

It means knowing how to restrain desires that will harm your long-term interests. The same goes for love. People who can find happiness in love can definitely give up inappropriate love decisively and choose to continue looking for a longer-term relationship.

indeed so. To truly let go is to stop prying into the other person's life and stop caring about whether he is happy or not. Because, from the moment we separated, his happiness has nothing to do with you. No More Pain Someone asked online: How long does it take to forget someone? In fact, I think everyone needs different time. Some can be forgotten in a few days, some take months, or even years, and some may never be able to truly remove the other person from their hearts in this life.

It is always difficult to forget someone who has entered your heart. The things we shared together, the nights we hugged together, the sweetness and sorrow we experienced together will all be clearly engraved in our minds. Occasionally I hear a song, occasionally walk through a street, and occasionally enter a cafe.

You can't help but think of each other. You feel as if you have forgotten it, but that familiar smell hits you again, and the defense line established in your heart for a long time collapses.

You think that if you don't think about it, you can forget it; if you don't contact it, you can forget it. In fact, when you truly let go of someone, you will still remember them and think of them occasionally, but your heart will no longer be painful.

He may be the most familiar and affectionate person in your heart, but you no longer have so many emotions towards him. No more tears, no more crying, just accept it calmly. Even if you still have his number in your address book and you can still see his active activities on social platforms, you will feel calm and have no disturbance.

You will greet him calmly, mention him lightly, and give him a smile when you see him. His life has nothing to do with you, and many of the things he has experienced have nothing to do with you. Although they were together once, they have completely become a symbol. The more you pretend not to care, the harder it is to let go. The more deliberately you don't mention it, the more you pretend to be him.

The harder you try not to remember, the memories will haunt you. To truly let go is to be indifferent and indifferent. From now on, the road I have walked will no longer have your shadow; the people and things I have experienced will no longer have anything to do with you. Just like Xu Zhimo said: You and I meet on the sea of ​​dark night, you have yours, and I have my direction. Whether you remember it or not, it's better that you forget it, the light that shines upon each other at this intersection.

The world is big, don’t give up your desire for love for one person; the world is beautiful, don’t lose your passion for life just for a relationship.


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  • The Writer 2 months ago

    A beautiful write up!

Brian Wong Written by Brian Wong

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