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Why is only the darkness?

By CosmicClipPublished 11 months ago 5 min read

In the heart of the city's shadows, a secret room concealed its sinister secrets. The walls seemed to exude an aura of malevolence, as if they held the echoes of countless whispered confessions. In this dimly lit chamber, the psychopath known as Alex sat, his eyes gleaming with a twisted mixture of malice and amusement.

The writer, unaware of the twisted mind orchestrating his tale, entered the room cautiously. The air was thick with unease, a palpable tension that wrapped around him like a vice. "What is this place, Alex?" he asked, his voice trembling ever so slightly.

Alex leaned back in his chair, a predatory grin curving his lips. "Ah, my dear friend," he purred, his tone dripping with a honeyed menace. "Consider this a sanctuary of secrets, a place where we can explore the darkest corners of our minds."

The writer's heart quickened as he took in his surroundings. The walls were adorned with cryptic symbols and unsettling artwork, each stroke a testament to the twisted genius that inhabited this room. "I'm not sure I understand, Alex. Why did you bring me here?"

Alex's laughter rang through the room like a macabre symphony. "You see, my friend, I've been watching your struggle with your creativity. Your mind is a maelstrom of ideas, a tempest of brilliance and darkness. I thought I might help you... release your inhibitions."

The writer's brow furrowed. "Release my inhibitions? What are you talking about?"

Alex's eyes glinted with a madness that danced on the edge of his gaze. "I've written a story, a tale so dark and twisted that it will wrench the very essence of your being. But you must choose it, my friend. Choose my masterpiece, and I shall grant you the power to transcend your limitations."

Fear mingled with curiosity within the writer's mind. "And if I refuse?"

Alex's smile widened, a cruel twist of lips that sent a chill down the writer's spine. "Oh, my dear friend, refusal is not an option. You see, I have my ways of making you comply."


As the writer wrestled with his choices, he found himself drawn deeper into the web of darkness that Alex had woven. Nights turned into days, and reality blurred into fiction as he struggled to make his decision. The stories Alex presented were masterpieces of madness, tales that resonated with the very core of his being.

In the midst of this psychological dance, a shadowy figure emerged from the recesses of his mind. The figure's eyes gleamed with an eerie light, a reflection of Alex's sinister influence. "Choose wisely, my friend," the figure whispered, its voice like the rustling of leaves in the wind.

Desperation gnawed at the writer's soul, pushing him closer to the precipice of his own madness. He felt the weight of Alex's gaze upon him, an unspoken threat that lurked beneath every choice he made. The darkness was intoxicating, a drug that clouded his thoughts and whispered promises of power.


The fateful night arrived, and the writer stood before Alex, his heart pounding like a drum. "I've made my choice," he declared, his voice trembling but resolute.

Alex's smile was triumphant, a predator sensing its victory. "Excellent. Now, close your eyes and let the story consume you."

As the writer closed his eyes, the room seemed to come alive with a malevolent energy. The air crackled with anticipation, and the writer felt his very essence being pulled into the narrative Alex had crafted. He could hear the whispers of the characters, feel their anguish and their desire for release.

But as the story's darkness wrapped around him, a voice echoed through the depths of his mind. It was a question, a question that cut through the fog of his thoughts like a blade: "What would you sacrifice for your creativity?"

The question reverberated through his being, shattering the illusion Alex had woven. The writer's eyes snapped open, his gaze locking onto Alex's. "What have you done to me?"

Alex's laughter rang through the room, a chilling symphony of triumph. "I've shown you the price of your brilliance, my friend. Your soul is the currency, your sanity the sacrifice."

A fire ignited within the writer, a determination to break free from the web of madness that had ensnared him. "I won't be your pawn, Alex. I won't sacrifice my soul for a fleeting spark of creativity."


The battle of wills raged on, a clash between the writer's inner strength and Alex's psychopathic manipulation. The writer's resolve grew stronger, his mind untangling itself from the grip of darkness. With a surge of determination, he confronted Alex, their eyes locking in a battle of wits and defiance.

"You may be a psychopath, Alex, but I refuse to let you control my mind," the writer declared, his voice steady and unwavering.

Alex's grin faltered, a flicker of uncertainty in his gaze. "You think you can defy me? You think you can escape the darkness?"

The writer's eyes blazed with newfound resolve. "I've seen through your twisted game, Alex. Your power comes from the darkness that thrives in our souls. But I won't let it consume me."


As the writer's defiance echoed through the room, a realization struck him like a lightning bolt. Alex's own darkness had been born from the sinister intentions of another friend, someone who sought to drag them both into a pit of despair. The writer's empathy and understanding had become a weapon against Alex's manipulation.

With a final, resolute gaze, the writer turned his back on the room of darkness, leaving Alex to his own malevolent machinations. He stepped out into the light, his heart unburdened by the weight of the darkness he had escaped.


In the end, the writer's journey had been one of self-discovery and defiance. The enigma of Alex's motives had been unraveled, his power weakened by the writer's refusal to succumb to the darkness. As the writer embraced his own creativity and embraced his own limitations, he realized that the true power lay in his ability to control his own destiny.

"Within the darkness, we find the strength to confront our own demons. And in defying the manipulation of the mind, we carve our own path to light and liberation."

*Shhh... This is not about power, this is about the whisper of thread." said me. Guess who's talking to you, and who's talking to the writer? I am waiting. Hurry!"

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