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When someone changes

When someone changes

By SHOZIB RAIHANPublished about a month ago 3 min read
When someone changes
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If someone doesn't call you anymore, it might be because they're busy. Maybe he doesn't want to call you anymore.

If he doesn't want to see you anymore, it could be a sign of reluctance rather than engagement. He doesn't want to see you anymore.

If he lets you go, don't always assume that circumstances are forcing him to do so. Maybe because he doesn't want to be with you anymore, he created such a situation himself. You want to stay with someone who can't stand up and fight for you!?

When he tells you, 'I need more time, I'm not quite ready yet. I love you very much, I want nothing but you in this life. But not now, it will take me a little more time to accept you.', then assume, he doesn't need much emotion or feeling to say such words, such words are always ready on the tip of his lips. Learn to accept the truth instead of talking like a fool: He doesn't want to keep you alive, but to hang you.

Avoid the futile habit of forcing reasons on his ridiculous behavior and speech. He can easily make you believe in countless lies, because you are waiting in your heart to accept his lies as truth!

I mean...seriously!? Does any of this make sense? Many have been, and how much? If necessary, write it down somewhere, you have nothing to gain from this relationship except suffering. Take time to match!

When someone really wants to stay with you, they think and act on ways to stay, instead of creating such a flurry of lies, lame excuses and unnecessary complications. If you feel, something is wrong, know for sure, something is really wrong! Feelings are never wrong.

Stop being so stupidly sincere towards him. Stop looking for logic in his every wrong behavior and words. Think about yourself. There's really no point in giving your whole self to someone. If you give, then what will you live with when he leaves? Remember, people leave. As much as it goes due to reason, it goes more than that for no reason!

A person who doesn't know what he wants, get away from the vain dream of spending life with such an athwar-apartha. How long have you been with him, what happened to you and what didn't happen with him, all your sweet sweet memories... leave these behind and move away with your eyes closed. Why do you want to stay with someone who doesn't understand your value? Remember, love is a very small thing to Shanti.

You need someone who understands you, who accepts you as you are, who knows how to truly value you, who can fight against the whole world for you. Stop suffering unnecessarily for someone who is not at all like you. Divert your attention, keep yourself busy.

People love more when they have no work to do. So keep yourself busy with various activities. Busy people don't have time to eat, where is the time to take trouble with love? Give yourself a chance to be happy. You also have the right to be happy. Have faith, next time someone will come in life, who knows how to take care of you, who takes care of you and you will take care of yourself.

Not every day will be yours. It's not every day you can hit sixes, sometimes you have to get out for zero runs and come back. Keep playing though. Don't you understand that losing is the name of withdrawing from the game? Learn to embrace loss too. If you don't learn, you will cry a lot. Do people always win? The game that you win and keep winning, that game ever pulls you? Think about it! A good player is one who can easily accept his bad days. If you are so upset thinking about the day that is not yours, see better days.


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