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(The Frosted Primrose Challenge)

By Shirley BelkPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Primroses: December 22, 2023-March 20, 2024

This is a collection of all the tasks required and linked together for the following challenges:

The Frosted Primrose: Publish your record book using the template below (roughly) upon completion, linking to all the corresponding stories and creators mentioned, and claim your title of The Frosted (or Crystal) Primrose with a personal reflection of the season.


Gilded Tasks:

***Earn a Top Story between 22nd December and the 20th March:

***Publish 15 stories between 22nd December and the 20th March: I think I had thirty by the end of January. (Thanks to all the prompts out there)


Your Record Book Template

*Storm In A Teapot:

*Safety In Numbers:

*Community First:

*Little Snowflake:

*Raise Me Up:

*Cozy Winter Nights:


*Winter Warmer:

*Cold, Bitter Truths:


*The Frosted Primrose: "The Works"

Review & Reflect: How did you find this season's challenges? Did you enjoy them, are you excited for the following season? What did you learn, what did you achieve? What insights or unique perspective do you have to share with the Vocal community as a result of completing this season.

I found the challenges for the winter season to be lessons. Some were easy lessons, like publishing the 15 stories, the Winter Warmer, the Cold Bitter Truth, The Little Snowflake, The Community First, and the Storm in a Teapot ones.

Some lessons took a bit of research, like the Evergreen and the Raise me Up. But I was afforded the privilege to be able to honor my home state and the administrator of our group on FB vocal Trophy Hunters, so both well worth the effort!

Other lessons called for serious thought in choosing, like the Safety in Numbers. It is extremely difficult to choose from such a massive talent pool of creators!

But, by far the most difficult lesson for me were the ones from the Cozy Winter Nights. I had to exercise perseverance in completion of the book that I found to be a tad tedious but with redeeming some merits. If it had not been for my commitment, I would not have completed reading. So, I accomplished a greater discipline in my character!

Something funny happened to me while doing the Storm in a Teapot challenge. I wrote an entire 10 minute read of a fiction story...only to discover that the instructions said to write about a hot cup of tea on a cold winter's morning. (My story was set in the spring/summer, during mid-day, but it did have a cup of tea.) So, instead of scrapping or editing, I just published it solo and whipped up a directions-followed new one! Taught me quickly to follow directions and look at details!!!

The other story, entitled, "Divine or Divination (Tasseography or Trajectory?)" did, in fact, answer a personal challenge to write fiction and use dialogue...both I am weak in. So, all was not lost.

I was also surprised that I had three Top Stories this season and so many published stories/poems.

I did enjoy this season's challenges...well, except for the "read a book with a blue cover one." It was my first book review. I'm not good at that. I use a lot of words and a good review calls for comprised words but a well-rounded assessment and analysis.

My first interview was so much fun for me. By doing it, I feel like I met a new friend. And I learned a lot about Loki and Vikings. Priceless :)

I hope others will do this challenge, too!


The season is not over yet! But I have completed my tasks. Would love to have you join us~~

Vocal Trophy Hunters group on Facebook

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Shirley Belk

Mother, Nana, Sister, Cousin, & Aunt who recently retired. RN (Nursing Instructor) who loves to write stories to heal herself and reflect on all the silver linings she has been blessed with

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  • Staringale2 months ago

    A lot of work went into this. I love your dedication and consistency in doing this.

  • Denise E Lindquist2 months ago

    I have enjoyed what I have read! Wow, a lot of work went into all of the above!💖

  • I'm so glad you didn't scrap that teapot story but instead published it! Loved all your writings!

  • Lana V Lynx2 months ago

    I admire your consistency and commitment in doing this, Shirley.

  • Very interesting list... Here's another to get the creative motor running!!! https://vocal.media/writers/no-one-wants-to-say-i-m-sorry-3m1fg0dk5

  • Daphsam2 months ago

    Very good collection here!

  • Test2 months ago

    it's well-written and full of valuable information.

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