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the python and the deer

feelings in the cradle of a python and a baby deer

By kamal rajPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Even leopards and tigers in the jungle get scared when they hear the name python.

A python twenty feet long lived in the forest.

It is very fierce to look at. The python can hunt birds, rabbits, deer and even buffaloes.

One day the python rested his head on a branch and was looking at the river bank.

A baby deer named Mila was coming that way. Seeing the baby python, the python thought that today is a delicious feast for us. Coming to the bank of the river, Mila deer was afraid of what danger might be here. The python hides its body.

The mountain snake probably runs very fast, so it made a plan how to hunt the deer. Anyway, the mountain snake has to cross this river. If we come across like that, we have to come the way we are. Then thought that it can be hunted.

The deer went down into the river. Seeing that, the python was motionless with its body wrapped around the branch and only its head was hanging. It was from this same tree that the python one day caught a leopard.

It used its rubbery body as a rope to catch the leopard and break its bones. The deer has washed away from the river. The python was motionless. The innocent fawn was cautiously approaching the tree along the path with fear.

The deer was walking on the path looking around. As told, it came and stopped under the tree. The python fell like a garland on the neck of the fawn.

"Mother" cried the deer. Destabilized by an unexpected attack. It stood motionless.

Even the python was very surprised. It was a sin to see the face of the baby deer. By then the python had wrapped its long rubbery body around the deer.

the deer cried. Tears welled up in its eyes. When a python makes a sudden attack like this, any animal struggles to escape from it and does not cry and demonstrate like this.

“Yes…. "Why are you crying," said the python.

The deer stopped crying and said in a firm voice. “Now death is certain. At least I have the honor of saving my mother's life before she died. If you mind you can help me”.

"How can I help?" is a python.

“I will go to the rock in the forest and take the novel fruits and give them to my mother and come back here. Then kill and eat me as you wish,” said the deer.

"What's the guarantee that you'll come back to me again?"

"If you don't believe in what I say, then come with me.. When you add the novel fruits to my mother, kill me and eat them".

“I can't catch you if I leave you? I know your speed very well python.

"If you don't believe in me, I will obey what you say"

“I will be around your body. "You have to carry me," said the python. The deer said yes. The deer went carrying the python.

He went to the rock in the forest. The fawn collected the novel fruits. The python walked excitedly around his body.

The fawn was happy to have a chance to lay down its life for its mother.

The deer came close to its abode. Showed her location and mother lying down. The python slowly descended from its body.

“If you think you can get away with giving novel fruits…. Then your mother, who is ill, will be my food," said the python.

“I will never forget your help. "I will not break my word," said the deer and ran away.

The python crawled slowly and hid between the trees. There was a big shock waiting for it. Fifteen and twenty deer were there for health check.

Even if two or three deer get together, they can tear his head off with their horns.

In this way, last week, a python was killed by two big bucks with their horns.

Even the snake, who does not know what fear is, was a little nervous. “Did I miss what I got?” I was worried about that.

Better to be careful about anything. As the giant snake bent its body and writhed, it heard something moving towards the hiding place. The fawn came alone.

"My duty is done... I have kept my word... I thank you" said the deer and stood in front of the python.

Despite the python's rough skin, its body writhed.

“Have you told anyone about me?” said the python.

“No, I will not betray you for helping me.”

"How could I have helped you when I was going to kill you and eat you?"

“You are right.. but if you did not help, my mother would not have been saved. What in the world could be more honorable than laying down one's life for one's parents?”

The python slowly raised his head and wiped the tears from the eyes of the deer.

The python left it alive as it said, "I am proud to bow down to you who risked your life for your mother".

The fawn looked at the python in wonder.

The fawn's love for its mother and the python's compassion sparkled like diamonds.

The baby deer immediately went to its mother and told what had happened.

The baby deer's mother said that your love, honesty and unfaithfulness will save you.

The baby deer's mother asked her to write a poem for me. The baby deer said a poem.

Carrying me in the womb, you walked on the way, procession in the chariot, mother.

When danger comes, mother first covers the curtain and solves the fear.

My hands do not bow to the invisible God, but to You my soul worships.

I see the living God in you and you are the hope.

If you are not with me, my heart will shed tears of blood...

Are you troubled every day?

Will your hands wipe away the tears?


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  • Sandhiya Jeeva3 months ago

    Nice super

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