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Talented girl

In a city there was a woman who bleached clothes

By kamal rajPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

In a city there was a woman who bleached clothes. He had three daughters. All three turned out to be beauties.

No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't eat enough. They lived in poverty. One day a handsome young man came to their house. Mother! I come from a neighboring village. I am rich.

I need a woman for work. Send one of your daughters. I treat her like a queen, he said sweetly.

Hear this, eldest daughter, mother! We live in poverty here, I will go with him, he said. His mother sent him to do the work she told him to do and earn a good name. The young man took him and left. After a long journey they arrived at the mansion. This is my house.

Here you can open any room as you wish. But you shouldn't just open this last room. If you disobey my command, I will become evil. The keys to all the rooms are here, he said. Why should I disobey your order? I will not open this room, he said.

He picked a red rose from the garden. He put it on her head. I'm going out. I don't know when I will come. Don't just open this room, he said and left. He went from room to room. In every room there were expensive things.

The room was full of jewelry and gold coins. How good is life? We could be happy here, he thought. The last locked room caught my eye. He couldn't contain his curiosity.What would be in that room? Why won't he let us see him? We open it slowly and immediately close it.

Surely he won't know, she thought. She inserted the key and slowly opened the door. Crying and crying came from within. He entered. Many lives were burned there in a deadly fire. Save it! Save it! They begged.He understood that the devil had brought him.

He quickly closed the door and locked it. He sat in his room as if nothing had happened. The flower on the head withered from the heat of the fire. He didn't notice it. Then the young man looked him up and down. You disobeyed my order. You open the room and see.

Do you know what punishment is? He shouted angrily. I didn't open, she said trembling. How did the rose on your head fade? Are you lying to me? He dragged her away, saying you have to lie in that fire too and cry. I'm sorry, I'll never do that again, she cried.

He threw her into the fire and locked the room. She returned to the house of the high-class, mother! Your girl is doing well in our house. He has a lot of work to do there. He asked to bring his younger sister with him. That's why I came, he said.The next one went with him.

Both reached the mansion. He also offered her a red rose as usual. Don't open the last room for any reason, he said and left. Not trying to control his curiosity, he also opened the room. He came back and threw him into the fire.

He came to the house from the nest for the third time and your two daughters are happy in my house and he has a lot of work there. They asked him to bring the last nurse as well. That's why I came, she said. If my daughters are happy, that's enough for me, take her, said the mother.

He took the last daughter with him and they both arrived at the mansion. As usual, he placed a rose on her head. where are my two sisters he asked. They left to do other work.It will take a week to arrive. You can go anywhere in this mansion.

But you must not open only the last room or you will receive a severe punishment. I'm going out It's time to go back, he said and left. sister misses both of them and when she arrives, she warms the rose flower on her head. He says don't just go to one room.

He realized that something was happening. An intellectual, he was deep in thought. It occurred to him that the room that had been prevented from opening had something to do with the rose. He tore the rose from his head.

He put it in a nearby bowl and covered it. He walked slowly and opened the door to the room. I saw many people fighting the fire inside. She was shocked to see her two older sisters among them.We cannot bear this pain. sister! You have to save us somehow.

You, who are wise, came without burning the rose. "The devil will never know you came," said the elder. Don't worry, I will still save you, he went out. He locked the room as before. He took the rose flower and put it back on his head.He came at night.

Rose saw that the flower had not withered. He thought he would never have entered that room. Every day she leaves a fresh rose on his head. He thought how to run away from his two sisters. It has been four days. Looking at the young man, he said that I have a lot of work here.

There is no time to do laundry. I tied up all the dirty clothes in a big bundle. Take me to my mother and come, she said. I will carry the package tomorrow night, she said. It was dawn. He went out as usual. He went into the room and brought his elder sister out.I arranged for you to visit our house.

Do as I say. He said that anyone can escape. He put his sister in a big bag. He changed his dirty clothes. He tied the bag tightly. The young man came. He has her, laundry bag ready. Take it away. Don't leave your bag anywhere on the road. Se vi.

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