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The Power Of Words

The Effect Of Text And Language

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 16 days ago 2 min read
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I am always shocked at the effect that words can have on people. Often my words affect people and I see how others can affect and even control people with their words, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad things.

For this piece, I am going to concentrate on the positive effects of words, because positive, kind, and caring words can really affect someone's spirits in a most positive way.

Although it is the opposite of what I am saying, these lines from Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row" (I've included it as the song for this piece) are always in my mind:

They're spoon feeding Casanova

To get him to feel more assured

Then they'll kill him

With self-confidence

After poisoning him with words

The Power Of Positive Words

One of the things when I worked at my first employer in the northeast, I was continually criticized for thanking people for doing a good job, the reason being that they were supposed to do it anyway. I ignored the critics because I believed my thanks were appreciated, and this resulted in people actually putting in more effort and doing a better job.

"Thank You" are two words that cost nothing and can deliver a lot of goodwill and encouragement.

I believe my words on Vocal have made me many friends. I generally try to make all my stories positive, to uplift people.

Sometimes when I feel down I will write something to clear my feelings, and I have written some dark poetry but that is to shock but not depress.

Possibly my favorite things to write are Love Poems, with good reason. I am no Shelley or Keats but I think I am fairly good and my audience feedback confirms that.

Below is an example

This was for someone special, and I do think words can be both comforting and seductive.

I see a lot of poetry by people having serious issues and I understand their need to let it out. I wrote a villanelle about grief based on a touching meme that I saw, but I always try to make my words uplifting and raise people's spirits.

Words can be used to make us feel emotion.

"I Love You" is a beautiful thing to have said to you and to be called "My Love" is again beautiful. Someone telling me that resulted in this poem.


This is just a reminder that your words can lift people's spirits and make them smile. They can be written, said, or sung and can deliver huge benefits to the person receiving them as well as to the one who delivers them.


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  • ThatWriterWoman13 days ago

    I feel like thanking people is an art that has been lost. Its a way of not only showing appreciation but motivating people as you say. Nicely done here Mike!

  • I love saying thank you! It's like one of my favourite things to say. I even thank the waiter when they bring me my food. I always make sure to thank people!

  • Another quote my wife just loves comes from "WandaVision": "What is grief but love persevering." I apologize for my downer poetry of late & less than thoughtful comments. And yes, I can guarantee that your positivity has a lot to do with how many friends you have.

  • Mr Ahsan16 days ago

    🌟 Your words beautifully highlight the transformative power of positivity, kindness, and love.

  • Cathy holmes16 days ago

    Nicely said.

  • Mariann Carroll16 days ago

    Words are certainly powerful. It can comfort, heal, or hurt. I have venting stories, uplifting stories, and stories just for the Challenge's sake. I think I understand where you are coming from. Bob Dylan song lyrics carry strong messages. I never heard this song before. I never thought he would have lyrics on CinderellA OR Romeo. People have been put at the wrong place and cause chaos.

  • Mother Combs16 days ago

    Words can heal or harm, depending on how they are used. Thanks for sharing

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