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Series Accentuating Curves & Assassination Hips

Book One: Truth or Dare - Thank You +Introduction+Table of Contents

By Denelsia WalkerPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Series Accentuating Curves & Assassination Hips

Endorsed by JL King, New York Times Bestseller

Author of On the Down Low

Book One: Truth or Dare


Copyright © 2023 by Denelsia Walker

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.

Thank You's

Thank you to Honorable New York Times Bestselling Author JL King for his friendship and wisdom. I appreciate him aiding with publishing and with my endorsements. I am eternally grateful beyond measure. It is always a pleasure speaking and working with this stellar gentleman.

I am also appreciative of Louis C King of Voluptuous Vixen Photography. My boudoir sessions and spending time with him are titillating. He captures my captivating imagery and has aided the spark in me to be a visionary flame!

Thank you to my "main" Honey Dew. I appreciate the encouragement to create since our first inbox. Dear, you are a phenomenal cheerleader.

Thank you to my family for my support!

Thank you to my fans!

None of these cosmic orgasms would be possible without you!

Smooches XOXO


Hey you!

Whether you have a spot on the side of the road, in the orchestra rooms, on the back of middle school buses, at the playground, on someone's back patio after the club, on the football field, or anywhere else possible on the planet Earth for turning up at folks. This toast up of my crystal glass of Chardonnay is for you.

Let's take it there. See how these trial runs come along? It is my first time writing erotica poetry in a short story novel solely. I do hope you dive in deep and enjoy your swim.

There were a lot of delicious, delectable, and delightful fabrications that drifted in my mind while writing. All the kinky places and secrets used behind closed doors, outdoors, or to open once-locked doors came into mind play.

Let's play a game. Which story is real and which one is not, Truth or Dare? Guess which lovely poems are stories that are genuine or fantasy. Test this wicked tongue and thoughts on you. I am receptive to feedback. Thank you for reading and reviewing. - Book Purchase Link: https://a.co/d/5wXiwM1

Make sure you grab several towels for this milking! It may get sloppy from toppy or make her squirt and overflow with dripping cream everywhere. Let the ocean waves and flooding begin.

Enjoy this expedition artwork of entertainment on all its spins and plot-twisting turns. May you give and receive many golden showers and enjoy happy waterfalls.

Many Cosmic Orgasms,

Denelsia Walker

Table of Contents

Thank You -Introduction

Quote By Valerie Love

Chapter One: Grand Entry

Just Another Day

Next Level

Lyrical Fantasy

A Cup of Blues Be Gone

Starry Night at Midnight

Falling for You

On the Balcony

Triple Threat

Black Medusa

Chapter Two: Escapade

Peter-Peter Carpet Eat Her

Cocoa Pop


Waterfalls Two

Chapter Three: Fire Meets Ice

I Know Why they Call you a Burglar

Honey Dew Kisses

Sex in the Air


Spyder Gal

Chapter Four: Altar Call

My Altar

Muni Lagoon Rhapsody

Wake Up Next to You

Planet 9

Chapter 5: The Awakening

Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse

The Wish List

Chapter 6: I Hear a Symphony

The Quartet

Circle of Four Ceremony

Word Porn

End of Table of Contents

"Prepare to be swept away by tantalizing poetry and storytelling

that ignites your desires and leaves you craving for more. This book

will set more than your heart racing while leaving your imagination on


JL King, New York Times BestSeller, Author of On the Down Low

Hardcover: https://a.co/d/4J5WCKW - Color

Softcover: https://a.co/d/0uLjgaz - Color

Hardcover: https://a.co/d/3YN6wYE

Softcover: https://a.co/d/fdvpxCi- Black and White


About the Creator

Denelsia Walker

Poet, Author, Musician, & Adult Enter Model. My Brand is HOEZBWINNING via Amazon Merch on Demand. Plus am an Amazon Influencer. Founder of Delcia Secrets Contoured LLC custom-made lingerie. Creator of International Poetry Whore FB Group.

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