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Accentuating Curves & Assassination Hips: Truth or Dare-Series One of Book One

VIII: Endorsement by JL King

By Denelsia WalkerPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Accentuating Curve & Assassination Hips-Endorsement by JL King, New York Bestselling Author

"Prepare to be swept away by tantalizing poetry and storytelling

that ignites your desires and leaves you craving more. This book

will set more than your heart racing while leaving your imagination on



Smack him on the ass with this leather strap while I deep-throat.

He pays to come back for seconds in a week for

this throat. Pay for my hotel room and more when I am through.

No quick visit.

Enjoy the feeling of my throat coated.

Slick shit being on the sly spitted.

Go ahead (literally) and

take notes.

I like Zaddy's long stroke between these two top lips with his

wizardry tree limb. I regurgitate all day and night

long on his gorgeous legend. Pen rewrites my future every

time I achoo on him.

Massage this esophagus. I will play with my pretty muff while

slurping your kingdom seeds. Please, Mr. Doc Johnson,

Watermelon siphon that tentacle you have while you

watch this more bounce to the ounce in this thong.

Hydraulics? Nope. Hydra-Licks with my tongue.

Baby, I will have your dick dancing the twerkulator with every moan.

Sean Puffy Combs, Yeah! Yeah! You Would!

Climb on Board Grace Jones, The Album, Last Train to Paris.

Let me remix this cloud nine on your key.

This octopus has blue blood. Slurps slow like Sippin on

Some Syrup -3 6 Mafia UGK to the music. Lean back and enjoy this

underground drip. Then, I will fast and be furious on ya cocktail.

Damn, this pussy is wet simply typing this shit. When your white liquid starts to wet my whistle, I blow it each time. Nina Simone sang to you

before you expel. I put a spell on you.

Look you in darling eyes. I make sure to take my time. But when you leave, just as Jasmine Sullivan said. No, pick up your feelings.

Swallow them gonads down like a McDonald's Hi-C

Orange Drink with perfect iced temperature during the

hottest part of August on KOLD Killer ice. Watch your body

melt. If not, use an open-mouth gag device.

I just posted this a.m. a few images on my OnlyFans page.

Occasionally, I delight in using my denticulation lightly on

it. It is okay Dearheart, unless you ask; I never bite.

Don't let this melanin fool you. I am well-cultured and

versed—two trips to the Bahamas. Conch is my favorite

meal next to trips down south.

I set Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Huntington Beach on fire.

In 2022, two visits to Miami Oceanview. In 2023, two Heaven on Earth training session trips to Hotlanta and surrounding areas. I got more planned.

Let this African Goddess, Medusa, breathe into your sharp shark

utensil life tool. Cum get you sum.

I have lived in Heidelberg and Stuttgart. Walked in castles

that you have never dared to dream of. I'm not any Happy Meal or Cheap Thrill.

I'm working on my second passport, pappi. Billions have yet to be served, a piece of this pie, but I am working on it.

You ought to let me give that Kundalini a raise. I am just saying.

Krispy Kreme white powder treats from between ya

legs. I want to taste it.

Milk that monster. While I will be a Kayne Muthafucking

"Monster." remix Sanger on your mic. Mi skeet while I spin

the wheel on ya. Hunty, you do not know, but you have just

been alerted.

Southern Baptist Church on Sunday we are having after. The "Daily Scoop," like Lil Nas X sings, " inform you that indeed. I am Whodini. Gone catch the Holy Ghost as I sip from your cocky tea.

Call you Master. Now bring me that "Dirty" Tank. I am going to empty it, certainly. May I make your snake drain?

Top Shelf. I dream of Billionaire Vodka flown in and placed on my shelf. Drink pickle juice when multiple shots of your Tequila slid down my windpipe.

Let Me "Blow the Whistle" that tune on your pipe. Beep! Beep!

Disclaimer for Lil Bo Peep and Vatican Priest. I would have done the remix of the Ignition on you, but I do not get into ordering and having pizza delivered. That is different from my game and speed.

I was speaking of pipe. Men See all this ass but usually don't make it past this throat—Puff the pipe. Now puff-puff the magic dragon and only pass it if you bring a friend to join.

You may want to go "Say Yes" to this Floetry. I could sweat your dynamics out of this matrix. I look forward to making you Kut Klose "Surrender" before slow, chop, screw, Keith Sweat

the five million magnetite crystals per gram of tissue in your brain waves. Dynamically exit your soul out of this matrix with this coming to Jesus' resurrected cipher.

Remember to breathe when inhaling Digital Underground's "Underwater Rimes." It's okay to cough unless you are using the neck restraint put on by this dominatrix. Just don't choke or drown.

Demonstrate what this Delcia Secrets Imagination & Crown Royal on Ice, not Jill Scott tongue tricks, do. I will have your dick day and night dreaming of purgatory on repeat with a dialect from DeAngelo's Brown Sugar tune marked on his album Voodoo.

I hum to your cock Jodeci & twerk this ass in the sky to the ceiling while I do. I wasn't even high when I wrote this. I'll be your edge diffuser chronic. Have you "Feenin."

That wraps up this rhyme for today. May my Pocahontas brush; paint you like Judy Kuhn's "All the Colors of The Wind." Thank you in advance for my treats; love.

I look forward to blowing Mariah's "Bliss" bubbles on you.

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Denelsia Walker

Poet, Author, Musician, & Adult Enter Model. My Brand is HOEZBWINNING via Amazon Merch on Demand. Plus am an Amazon Influencer. Founder of Delcia Secrets Contoured LLC custom-made lingerie. Creator of International Poetry Whore FB Group.

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