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Proud ViM,'Top Notes'

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By Proud ViM ProductionsPublished 23 days ago β€’ Updated 23 days ago β€’ 4 min read
Dallee and Canva cobbled

Its not about us, its about them, their words and their talent, so without any rambling, in no discernible order PViM's 'Top Notes' this week:


Call Me Les

The Ballads of Trees

A masterful narrative exploring the value of acceptance and mutual understanding. This story is not just a call to treat our natural world with the respect it deserves but it also serves as a beautifully crafted reflection on the interconnectedness of life and the eternal cycle of renewal.

Engaging, educational, thought-provoking, Fabulous. If you didn’t catch this β€˜Top Story’...now is definitely the time to take a minute or two out of the daily grind.


Dana Crandell

Where are They?

This poetic piece dives into the tumultuous heartbeat of the creative process. Oscillating between hope and despair, Dana captures the Vocal experience with panache. Entirely relateable, it is truly an exercise in vulnerability, honesty and the struggle we all face as creators - particularly on a platform where most of our readership comes from other writers. A comforting offering that will at least make you feel not quite so alone as the number peak and trough!


Talia Devora

Foreign Country

An eloquently expressed poem which explores the nuances of navigating through the dating landscape. This piece encapsulates the sense of initial disorientation and the gradual process of acclimatisation to the lingo of potential love A delightful metaphor, both creative and insightful, a read that will certainly resonate with many, particularly those in the throes of a romantic quest. You’ll get ther!


Shirley Belk

Trees Don't Lie

Captivating, evocative, and ultimately uplifting, this narrative invites us to reflect on our own connections to the past and the legacies we wish to leave for the generations to come. Through the use of clever metaphor, we are reminded that the land we inherit is not just soil and earth but a shared vessel of our collective past. A wonderfully crafted reminder that even when faced with painful truths, there is always hope for a new beginning.


Novel Allen

Child of Iridescence

Utterly engaging and deeply moving, with the usual, 'Novel flair' we are treated to a tale that explores the unbreakable bonds of love . A story that encourages us to embrace our differences, to find strength in adversity, and most of all to believe in the profound magic of destiny. Through its enchanting prose and masterful characterisation, we are encouraged to look beyond the surface and to embrace the magic that surrounds us, in all its forms. A truly mesmerising read!


Dallee Generated

Musings and such...

As I mused about this week's 'Top Notes. George Bernard Shaw's quote seem to wallop me headlong from out of nowhere,

"I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can,"

Though I didn't recognise in the compiling process, ot perhaps I did on some sub-concious level, each of these stories explores in its own way the value and importance of community, our interconnectedness with each other and the world around us. Through our words on this platform and beyond we are a community and we share together, A call if you will, in these times of tumult, lets continue to raise each other up, offering heart in the vast ocean of the unknown and oftentimes incomprehensible. Caring is a simple but powerful tool.

β„­π”’π”©π”¦π”ž π”˜π”«π”‘π”’π”―π”©π”žπ”«π”‘


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Alone, we are letters floating in the wind. Combined, we are an Opus. We hold community in our core, "We all rise when we lift each other up"


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  • Shirley Belk7 days ago

    Thank you for highlighting...meant so much to me

  • Anna 19 days ago

    Great list of stories!

  • Cathy holmes22 days ago

    Beautiful suggestions. I have enjoyed them all.

  • Lindsay Sfara22 days ago

    These are great stories! Thank you for sharing!

  • I gotta circle back here for Talia's and Lesley's piece. And I loved the quote that you shared!

  • Some excellent stories in here

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