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The FastForward Frenzie!!! ⏩

Edition Two: Novel Allen

By Proud ViM ProductionsPublished 28 days ago 3 min read
Dallee and Cava cobbled

HELLO LOVELIES, Hayley here once again for the bi-weekly Fast Forward segment! This week I wanted to spotlight Novel Allen!.

While this creator isn’t new to vocal and in fact has spanned the genres in some pretty incredible ways, they are relatively new to our community here at ViM and so I think now is a great time to give their profile some Voices in Minor love!!!

Here is one of their latest, a beautiful Ode to Spring! Quite lovely as we enter the new season~

Resplendent and glorious

natures blooms awaken...ushering us

Into breathtaking newness

Diffidently...bestirring from Winter's frost

tiny buds bashfully emerge from sleep

Timorously, apprehensively and a tiny bit timidly

they sprout lovely pearls of jeweled florets

The sun bursts forth from behind cloudy skies

Blessing Mother nature once more with warmth

Everywhere the world blossoms gloriously

Adorning nature with beauty and splendor

Appreciating with great awe and wonderment

I walk the pathway of floral fragrant bouquets

Drinking in the perfumed redolent aromas


The wind whips the pink and white petals

Into such mischievous lively flurries

Bathing the air in wisps of playful snowy hues

I laughingly try to catch them

As they dance upon the air

I am happy in this frivolous moment


Time stands still for one incredible heartbeat

When all is well with the world~~~

Knowing that

Spring has arrived!!!


Novel, has such a wonderful way of stringing words together to paint the loveliest sounding works. Full of alliteration, expansive vocabulary, and imagery galore! In this piece in particular she has really created some amazing images of Spring, with lines like “I walk the pathway of floral fragrant bouquets. Drinking in the perfumed redolent aromas” and “Timorously, apprehensively and a tiny bit timidly they sprout lovely pearls of jeweled florets.” I can guarantee, with every new Novel piece I read my vocabulary will be expanded!!

You can find the original here. Make sure to read and give it the love it deserves!:

Some other honorable mentions…


incase anyone hasn’t stretched past poetry in Novel Allen’s collection I strongly encourage you too!! Either of these are a great place to start!!


Tune in next week for Keila’s Weekend Rewind & I’ll be back in two with our next Fast Forward!!! <3 Hayley


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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran28 days ago

    Novel is my Vocal Momma, always so positive and would always give me so much encouragement!

  • I love Novel’s stories she is an amazing creator

  • Lamar Wiggins28 days ago

    I love Novel’s work. It’s very imaginative and always paints sublime pictures with luxurious words. Thank you for sharing.

  • Cathy holmes28 days ago

    This is lovely. Novel is great and very talented.

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