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Sometimes I wish I didn’t care

By Plan Execute ProfitPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
My mind on the Daily.
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I believe that humanity has successfully devolved. In many ways more than physical.

Technology stem from every part of human existence. Yet technology will decrease the productivity, ability to think, create false norms, while destroying the key concepts that keep us human, and creating competition.

People scream “EQUALITY”! They don’t know what they want. Most want to be better than their neighbors hell their own partners. Equality is only a buzzword to keep people who lack - hopeful. I’ve never seen a successful person speak of equality if they wasn’t paid to do so.

Modern science, society, and teaching further separating humanity. By creating labels without truly giving grounds for the root of its existence. Pick a side. Choose a stick. Don’t let them realize that there are more options than we say.

Now that I think about it this the same reason most never master American English language. Sure you can read, write, and speak. But do you understand the depth of what being conveyed.

No wonder we don’t know how to treat each other (as a whole). Skin color this skin color that. When science says if we can reproduce then we’re one in the same. For 2 totally different species cannot procreate.

Believe in this believe in that. Even though we’re saying the same thing. you are wrong and I am right. You must be brainwashed to say it exactly like us or you are one of them.

Masculinity as well as femininity is under attack. Mainly because people are too entertained to learn something. Too busy to connect the dots. All things came from one. Making these two sides of the same coin. The kicker is it’s perception without the individual. A standard that has been updated in such a way it negates original meaning and unnoticed by the masses.

For example women seeks men who can protect & provide. Men seek the same. Just on a different level. 50/50 is now unacceptable in a relationship. Men must provide all or is deemed unworthy, at least the ones like me. Which further solidifies my fore mentioned stance on equality. If our ancestors thought how we do today we would be extinct.

But history real history true experiences has been made into a privilege. Just like all things that come from seeds the roots provide power and connections to sustain life.

travel has become a privilege simply for the fact of it’s the best way to obtain new information. Less you travel less information your exposed to. The less likely you’ll be to discover administration and censorship. Further causing divide. Because you don’t know the world.

School systems are only good for creating employees not brightening our future. Financials rarely taught those that are basics we learned in elementary while learning to add and subtract. How to think isn’t taught only how to follow directions. Effective communication isn’t taught. Life skills for today's ages aren’t taught. Only the yesterday’s age.

I will end on this. If the world was to reset and everyone started with zero. Wealth would eventually go back to the same people.

We need people like everyone.

Everyone has a role

Everyone has a purpose

Please learn yours.

Everyone is taught dream big you can have whatever you want. No one is told the most satisfying things in life are being around loved ones and having all your needs met. Exactly like our ancestors food, water, shelter, clothes. This is the true dream.

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