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My image of Gaza isn't anything to observe Reuters picture taker Mohamed Salem


By Anis Ahmed SiddequePublished 28 days ago 1 min read

A Palestinian lady bowing in a medical clinic funeral home holds the body of a kid enveloped by a cover in her arms and cries. The photograph of this strong scene has been chosen as the '2024 World Press Photograph of the Year'.

The photograph of the funeral home of Nasser Clinic in Khan Yunis, south of war-torn Gaza, was taken by Reuters photographic artist Mohammad Salem on October 17 last year.

He won the current year's Reality Press Photograph of the Year grant for portraying the passing of thousands of individuals in Gaza and the calls of their family members in Israel's assault.

Reuters composed, Palestinians who lost their friends and family in Israel's assault were searching for the collections of their family members in the funeral home of Nasser Emergency Clinic. Around then, the 36-year-elderly person was holding her niece in the funeral home of Inas Abu's Mother and was crying. The body of the five-year-old youngster Seli, who was killed by Israeli besieging, was enclosed by a cover.

Inas said, "I lose my faculties when I see Selly in the mortuary. Embrace him. The specialists said to leave. In any case, I told them, pass on Seli to me.' Photojournalist Mohammad Salem said on getting the honor, 'This isn't an image to celebrate winning an honor.'

Referring to Salem, Reuters Worldwide Supervisor of Photographs and Recordings Ricky Rogers said at the honor function in Amsterdam, Netherlands, that Salem trusts that the entire world will be more mindful of the philanthropic effect of battle through this honor.

The jury board chose the best photographs from 61 thousand 62 photographs of 3 thousand 851 picture takers from 130 nations.

The honor is given by the World Press Photograph Groundwork of the Netherlands. Jury part Fiona Safeguard, head of photography at Gatekeeper News and Media, said of Salem's photograph, the picture was profoundly powerful.

Salem, a 39-year-old Palestinian photojournalist, has been working with Reuters beginning around 2003. In 2010 he likewise won an honor On the Planet Press Photograph Challenge.

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