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Monarchs & Kingdom

Modern Satire

By Matthew PrimousPublished 2 months ago 7 min read
Monarchs & Kingdom
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It was a time of creating kingdoms. It was a time of forging alliances. This is what it was like in those days of the Medieval Period in Europe. The people were yearning for unity and yearning for a country to be proud of. Artagus who loved his family, loved his friends, and loved his people was fit to serve. He was fit to be the king but had to prove it. So he became a hero of the Holy Wars winning praise from other Crusaders and winning praise from other leaders. As he fought valiantly in the Holy Wars in Israel, he believed Israel belong to all God's people and that israel should not be held into bondage by no nation. He was determined and fixed on the idea that this land was truly Holy. As he went on his first campaign, he slaughtered countless individuals with his sword, his sword was made of special metal and was a doubled edged sword that had to be sharpen properly. And Artagus would only fight with the valiant men, he did not like cowards. He did not like fools. He did not like drunks. He wanted honorable men and honorable men did he get. There were campaigns that Artagus had lost men and he would remember them especially the valiant ones by dressing them in his own clothing and doing their funerals in front of the other honorable men that served along with them. Artagus did not love war but felt it was necessary to preserve the peace. He felt wars were apart of God's plans and he was never afraid to obey God's plans. Artagus had a birth family, his mother Grace Lydia was loving and warm. She raised him with care and she was his comfort. He loved to see his mother who would treat him like a hero and called him a special name. And he loved seeing his beloved sister, who could make him laugh and think at the same time. She would put him in his place and make him feel loved. And his father Lord Kensington who would treat Artagus like a friend, his father wanted to do everything Artagus did and delighted in his stories. Artagus was well-rounded and well-loved and he knew this and delighted in family. And one time when his mother was fixing the meal and Artagus helped. His mother, Grace Lydia said I want to talk to you Artagus. When will you find a lovely maiden who would be your equal in every way. I have longed for a daughter in law and for grandchildren. When will you settle down. You have the means and the power and the looks. And Artagus briefly stated that Mother you know my heart and the desire of my heart. She said You seek to make a country and to rule this land as my ancestors did. Artagus said Not just to rule but to build a country where you would be proud of me and my father and my sister. I would like to make a nation forged in strength and unity, a nation that will give hope, a nation that will last a long time and if God let it Will change the world and all that encountered it will see its grace and strength and love it as I do. She said my son my son those are mighty dreams. You seek to gather the people like stars and rule over them and create them into a nation. Ah as a child you never shy away from learning. You never shy away from fighting. You never shy away from anything I could think of. Maybe it is time for you to forge your kingdom. I have relatives and they heard about you. This evening I will tell your father and present you to them. Artagus said Thanks mother I love you wtih all of me. This is a dream come true. So after his mother prepared the meal and his father Lord Kensington invited all the relatives and diplomats to his table, his sister was just about to eat with the diplomats when their mother pulled her into the kitchen to eat and hear what the relatives and diplomats think of Artagus. Lord Kensington went around the table introducing Artagus to the relatives and diplomats, they were delighted to meet him. As they ate Artagus would tell one of his valiant stories, and the whole crowd were intrigue and interested, they found Artagus fascinating. And after sometime one of the most honorable and noble men among relatives and diplomats said outloud, Let's take a tribal vote, now lift your hand if you think that Artagus would make a great leader and build a valiant and beautiful country for us. Six out of ten hands were lifted and the four that did not lift begin to babble and fight. They were upset at the leader of their response. So Artagus asked them You know I need a majority and I would like to understand why you did not agree. I seek only good and justice and I am humble by this whole procedure. So the leader of the response said If you marry my lovely and beautiful daughter, I am not related to you but a diplomat. She is beautiful very beautiful and no one has touched her. I would kill any man who look at her or talk to her. She is as lovely as your mother and sister. She is a virgin and shaped as a hour glass. Artagus somewhat protested but his father Lord Kensington said I am his father and if the woman is as you say she will be his wife. Artagus was a little upset but the other four agreed and Artagus became leader of the country even though it was dependent on his marriage to Princess Lydia. So they had three dates, one with family and he found her very interesting. She was lovely and nice. She was smart and wise. She would answer every question that his mother and sister said. She would ask them questions about Artagus. And they would be careful but spoke intuitive about him. They told mostly about his honorable and valiant side. And said that he has been fighting the Holy Wars for a long time and that he is kinda harsh because of the reality of them and not so much of his upbringing. And at evening, Artagus met Lydia's family and they were welcoming and inviting. Artagus got drunk for the first time and wandered but Lydia who was not drunk watched him and comfort him as they were by the beach of her parents' house. And Artagus became so relaxed that he said that he love Lydia like his mother and sister. And that he was afraid of marriage however he would love to be her husband. Then he fell upon her and her father and his servants helped carry Artagus into a room to stay over Lydia's parents house. Lydia wanted the wedding at sunrise by the beach as her father performed the wedding weeks later. And at the wedding the diplomats came to send in their approval and it was announced that Artagus will be our King and Lydia will be our Queen. And right on the spot they asked Lydia what's the name of the nation would be? She said she would have to ask her husband. And Artagus told a story that on all those campaigns and missions for the Holy Wars, I have been trying to think of a name. A name that is solid, a name that is noble, a name that is trustworthy and all that came to me was Bourgnew, the Great Kingdom of Bourgnew. We will gather the stars our people and forge alliances and make this kingdom. The diplomats were delighted and told their people and the kingdom came into being immediately and the diplomats became king's advisors and given places within the kingdom. During his reign, there came the time for Artagus to become a father, he finally did in his old age and at that time there arose rebels who were children of citizens who were angry that Artagus was friendly to Prussia when the Kingdom of Bourgnew departed from Prussia. Prussia's King whose was apart of the Holy Roman Empire saw Artagus as a divine leader and his vast army frightened him to declare war so he granted Artagus and his citizens separation on the terms of friendship. Artagus told the people that we need no more war. And that he has seen what war might do and how war drains the people and drains the government. And that we should foster means of peace, prosperity and stability afterall we are a country and we must remain united and unified. And so the rebels started to seize power while Artagus was being a father. And he named his only son, Gaius meaning the "Brave and Happy Warrior". And just when he wanted to present the young child to the nation, a sudden war broke out, the rebels wanted to take the kingdom and they fought for months but Artagus and his army prevailed and destroyed them utterly and Lord Burchester's men who were loyal to Artagus, captured the rebels' leaders. Artagus questioned hard the rebel leaders for days and weeks to see if another rebellion would occur then he placed in the hand of their captor who was his sister's husband. Michaeles married Lord Burchester. And Lord Burchester had the men hanged until they were completely dead. The people of the Kingdom of Bourgnew were once again happy and cheering since war cease and in the celebration Artagus made Lord Burchester the first Prime Minister and gave him the task of setting up a government.


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Matthew Primous

I am a Black Scholar, International Scholar, & Google Scholar, & 3-Time Eber & Wein Best Poet., Nominee for Poet of the Year, 2020 Black Author Matters Winner, 2 time Akademia Excellence Essayists,& 2022 Honorary Muckrack Journalist.

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