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Monarchs & Presidents

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By Matthew PrimousPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Monarchs & Presidents
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It was a time of change a time of refreshing and enlightenment. It was a time of thinking and re-thinking. It was the 1860's and the Great Nation of Bourgnew was on its brink. Parliament was divided as they welcome a new Monarch. Parliament has been fighting many world issues. And the issue that came out the most was the slavery issue. And after so many years of slavery, how could the Great Nation of Bourgnew live without this economic necessity. Parliament leaders beckon for over a half century and the new Monarch Queen Nibia was hopeful to set at rest the ease of Parliament. Queen Nibia was stern, tough, and strong but she wasn't always that way. She was filled with patriotic passion to see justice for her people. And she was devoted, she would have her meetings in the church where she would continually do her rulings. She was a smart woman coming from a lineage of powerful players in the Bourgnewian Monarchy even female warriors and male warriors and female doctors and male doctors. She was well-prepared to lead a nation. She studied the nation ever since she was of age. She learned every tittle in history to understand it and decide carefully on the matter. Her coronation was a specular event. She was seated in the midst of Parliament and the leaders of the Political Parties aligned with the Bourgnewian Constitution would all pay their legion and kiss her ring even her family would pay legions to her dominance. There will be no treason under my watch and the nation will be more united and unified and we will deal with the issues of justice as they come at the table declared the Bourgnewian Monarch Queen Nibia. After the Monarchic Honeymoon was over and the people of Bourgnew realized that they had a new Monarch. And the people looked to her to settle their many divisive issues. And it occurred to the Monarch that the Great Nation of Bourgnew has grown vastly. And she thought and thought about the future of the nation and she gathered up Parliament to declare her vision of a nation. We should be prune. Prune in our thinking. Prune in our thoughts. Our nation must be just to live on for the ages. We cannot continue in the way we are. We must push, press ourselves to being a better nation. It is my duty to ensure this. It is my duty to established my people. Look at me. You would think I am only of the blood of masters. No if you look closely I have the features of slaves. Slaves who were doctors. Slaves who were warriors. I cannot choose one over the other. Slavery must end said the Monarch Queen Nibia and she abruptly left Parliament. Parliament begin to argue and bicker over how to end slavery. Some thought that the economy would seriously damper. Some thought that there would be mass civil unrest. Some thought that the military would have to coup de etat. But the Monarch Queen Nibia asked Parliament and the Prime Minister to research what other nations did with slavery and what other world leaders did with slavery. She was determined to end this issue and to fully and completely abolition slavery in every form. So Parliament and the Prime Minister endlessly search other nations and they begin to form a plan to end all slavery and to fully make citizens those who were enslaved. And just before the 90 days were reached which were agonizing and intense the Monarch Queen Nibia welcome the leaders of Parliament to the Birger's Throne with her family. And she sat on the throne with her children and spouse besides her. The Parliamentary leaders tried to beg mercy and tell that they cannot agree when the Monarch Queen Nibia silenced them. You may look at me and say I am just a woman. I am just a Monarch. But I am the Great Nation of Bourgnew. I represent both slave and master. See my family strong, proud and lovely. My ancestors were freed based on privilege and power. How dare you think only of your careers when people are being slaughter for this? How dare you tittle with power over the lives of your country men and women? How dare you deny these human beings? By Royal Decree which shall not falter or change I decree and only I alone can do this that we end this centuries old issue. My father would have if you allowed him. My mother would have if you gave her a say. And if President Lincoln could then so shall I. And we will not divide Not now and not ever. The whole country is in turmoil over this inhumane practice and lack of indignation said the Monarch Queen Nibia. And so Parilament and the Prime Minister issued out the Royal decree and the Royal Decree like with the Bourgnewian Constitution, and slavery was ended. The people gathered in the streets and celebrated consecutively for weeks. And the economy did not suffer much and Queen Nibia was remembered for standing up for all of her ancestors. Thence further the Monarch Queen Nibia dismantled parliament establishing a Democracy with elements of America's Democracy, she felt a leader like a President could ease the burden of the Bourgnewian Monarchy. Someone who the people could elect to deal with their common issues and settle the divisive manuveurs and end the stalemate of Parliamentary procedures. Someone who could speak for the people much clearer and direct. And established the nation even the Great Nation of Bourgnew with a Vice President, Speaker, Senate Pro Tempore, etc.. So Parliament dissolved federally and moved towards a Constitutional Democracy with features of American Democracy. The Bourgnewian Monarchy will be the figurative leader while the Bourgnewian Presidency will be the head of government.


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Matthew Primous

I am a Black Scholar, International Scholar, & Google Scholar, & 3-Time Eber & Wein Best Poet., Nominee for Poet of the Year, 2020 Black Author Matters Winner, 2 time Akademia Excellence Essayists,& 2022 Honorary Muckrack Journalist.

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