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Lessons from Venus - what can be learned?

by: Jessica Antonietta

By Jessica RasilePublished 11 months ago 2 min read

Venus, the planet of beauty, worth and adoration, is currently in the transformational part of her Rx journey.

At the start of last week, she was situated between the earth and the sun, making her invisible to the naked eye – she was the “evening star”, hidden in the night sky.

As she makes her reemergence back into view, on August 19th, she will become the “morning star” - rising before the sun and metaphorically being born again.

So, what can be learned here?

Venus holds lessons on worth, value, attraction, interest, creativity, style, grace, money.

She can hold potent teachings on how we can reconfigure our mindset, our belief systems, our story, to match where we want to be.

As we’ve watched her go into the darkness, trusting the process, we are reminded that, sometimes it is necessary to swim into our own depths of contemplation, of grief, to be able to come back up to the surface and take in new breaths of gratitude, joy and clarity.

Everything is polarity, and for one thing to be felt, you need to know it’s counterpart.

For example; the brightest light will be seen in the darkest of places, for here is the environment that it’s needed to be seen.

Joy will be known when one has known what sorrow is. Can you possibly know the feeling of true happiness if you didn’t know sadness?

How can one know the relief of a moment of clarity, if they have never been confused or lost?

You need both the yin and yang to bring balance and harmony – another Venusian theme.

What Venus can teach us, is love in the midst of rage.

Worth, in the midst of nothingness.

Partnership in the midst of battle.

Calm, in the midst of chaos.

She can teach us how to cultivate equality, how to reign in our own hearts and lean into places of peace.

She is the teacher of giving and receiving.

At this energies highest level, you have the capacity to know the limits of both. To give and to receive – but never over doing either.

In this energies lowest level, you don’t know when it’s time to stop, and you continuing giving or taking until you have lost yourself in the midst of another thing or person.

Her mastery is leaning into both, and knowng each has it’s time and place, and when it heart centered, it can’t be wrong.

If you have been feeling lost, confused, unsteady, like you’re bypassing, empty:

Have you sat there, and talked to the energy of Venus, and asked her what she is trying to show you?

What is she saying to you?


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