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Observations On Unofficial Vocal Challenges

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 21 days ago 1 min read
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My first challenge today is to get this article published before I have to run off to York. Yesterday was slightly traumatic having to deal with disappearing parcels and potential thefts, but they are now all in hand and dealt with but on to the subject of this thing.

Unofficial Vocal Challenges

I miss so many of these but I believe that they occurred initially because there were either few or no official Vocal Challenges. I have run unofficial ones for years and they have resulted in some good entries and even Top Stories, and the same can definitely said of many unofficial ones.

I do get a bit worried when I miss some of them, but that is bound to happen. We have over seven hundred thousand Vocal Creators.

These two from Heather Hubler, Paul Stewart and Judey Kalchik were given Top Stories and have had a lot of entries and show that Vocal are gladly promoting the unofficial challenges:

The "Vocal * Voices in Minor (ViM) ", "Great Incantations: A group dedicated to Writing Challenges" and "Vocal Social Society" have regular challenges and prompts promoted for Creators who are looking for just one more challenge, so if you are looking for something these are excellent places to find what you want between Vocal Official Challenges.

The unofficial challenges are a wonderful way of keeping the whole platform vibrant and keeping Creators connected.

It is good that Vocal make these unofficial challenges Top Stories because is shows there are always prompts and some actually give out small prizes, although I do believe most writers enter just because they enjoy taking on the prompt or challenge and if you win a prize that is a nice little extra.


These show that Creators can do more than just write, they can give other creators a reason to connect, long may this continue and develop.

This is my current one, and there will be more, but if you want to enter it closes at midnight GMT. The prize pool is three rand random dollar tips by Stripe for three random entrants.

The music is "Movin' On Up" by Primal Scream which is appropriate for us all

Thank you so much for reading.


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  • Anna 17 days ago

    This is a great idea! Listing the current challenges are so helpful for many creators! I was thinking about doing the same earlier, but you saved a lot of time for me! Many thanks :)

  • A challenge a day keeps the writer's block at bay.

  • Novel Allen20 days ago

    I tried two times to offer challenges but only got like 3 reads. I enjoyed participating in the unofficial ones...that is until Vocal removed my ability to receive tips or pledges...I do it for the fun of it, but still, I feel discriminated against. I am now demotivated and lethargic about Vocal. Most times the unofficial ones are far more interesting...I feel cheated of my creative abilities.

  • I always see those unofficial challenges, tell them I'll see if Mr Brain comes up with anything and then completely forget about it, lol.

  • “M”21 days ago


  • Thank you for all the comments , I'm vin York so been following by Email. Thank you for all the positivity that you are showing

  • Cathy holmes21 days ago

    Seriously, unofficial challenges are great, though sometimes I forget they exist. I need to remind myself what's open, and take a look at yours again. As for Vocal, they are seriously lacking in consistency with theirs. Once again, three weeks between winners, just like Dec and Jan. Yeah, I'm annoyed. Lol. I'm beginning to wonder if it's even worth the subscription anymore.

  • Heather Hubler21 days ago

    I enjoyed this write up and thank you for the boost to all of these unofficial challenges going on right now (including my own). They are a wonderful way to stay engaged with each other and keep creativity flowing all in good fun!

  • Lindsay Sfara21 days ago

    Just another reason why I enjoy being a part of Vocal so much. The community is just plain fun to be around, and they are active with finding new ways to inspire others with writing.

  • Christy Munson21 days ago

    Yay, shout-out! Great idea to collect, highlight, and applaud the Vocal Creators who are creating unofficial challenges. Also, wonderful of you to give a nod to Vocal for accepting and encouraging these unofficial challenges. I, for one, love the unofficial challenges as much as the official ones because they are equally exciting with wonderful prompts and they help make this platform engaging, connected, and fun. Great story, and great job unofficial challenge sponsors!

  • Rene Peters21 days ago

    Love the shout outs! They definitely deserve them! Challenges, especially unofficial, push me to write more even when I feel unmotivated. Thank you to all the creators who have come up with unofficial challenges!

  • Daphsam21 days ago

    Wonderful shout outs!

  • Paul Stewart21 days ago

    Ah thanks for the shout-out, Mike! Love the song choice, as a big, long-time fan of Primal Scream. And thank you for the reminder about Judey's and your own challenge...will see what creativity does for me. If I miss the deadline for this one, I'll definitely take part in another one!

  • Yes! Often I prefer the unofficial because they are done for a friend...Working on yours today..Though I have many, many faliure options to choose from 😂 🤍

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