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I Found 21 Platforms to Sell AI Art and Make Passive Income

where to sell your ai art for passive income

By MD SHAFIQUL ISLAMPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
I Found 21 Platforms to Sell AI Art and Make Passive Income
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Step by step instructions to Sell man-made intelligence Workmanship for Recurring, automated revenue:

An Aide for 2024

Simulated intelligence craftsmanship is acquiring massive fame, and it's nothing unexpected that

numerous specialists, including myself, are jumping into the universe of simulated intelligence created

plans. I began in the print-on-request (Case) business prior to wandering into associate promoting. At first,

making plans took up a great deal of my time, which became debilitating. Dealing with my part time job

while shuffling various stages and advancing via online entertainment was an overwhelming undertaking.

Having previously composed an article on where I sell my computer based intelligence workmanship for

recurring, automated revenue, I've found significantly more stages worth investigating. The more stages

you distribute on, the more potential profit you can create.

Top Stages to Sell man-made intelligence Craftsmanship in 2024

1. Etsy

Etsy currently permits the offer of simulated intelligence craftsmanship, making it an incredible spot to

begin. It's easy to use, and its tremendous crowd is ideal for innovative advanced items.

2. Redbubble

Redbubble is my number one stage for selling simulated intelligence items. It is essential here to Pick a

specialty. With devotion, one Redbubble record can supplant your 9-5 work.

3. Society6

This is one more brilliant Unit stage for artificial intelligence produced pictures. It's direct to utilize and

contacts a wide crowd.

4. Zazzle

I've been on Zazzle for quite a while and have expounded broadly on it. It's a phenomenal stage for

inventive plans.

5. Adobe Stock

However it gets minimal pay for me, Adobe Stock is as yet a suitable choice for selling man-made

intelligence craftsmanship. The items frequently sell themselves absent a lot of advancement.

6. Imaginative Fabrica

This is an optimal beginning stage, particularly for Case or low-happy books. Endorsement is expected

before you begin selling, so it's great to have some work arranged in advance.

7. Amazon KDP

Low-satisfied books are well known here, and many individuals make a full-time pay from them. It's an

incredible stage for recurring, automated revenue with a worldwide reach.

8. Instructors Pay Educators

This stage shocked me with its true capacity. It's a decent part time job for selling instructive assets,

despite the fact that it's not broadly discussed.

9. Fiverr

I love Fiverr for selling administrations and brief packs. Not every person will learn brief creating, making

this a specialty market.

10. Different Stages

The following are a couple of additional stages to consider:




Saatchi Workmanship

Artistic work America








Tracking down Your Specialty

It's crucial for specialty down to accomplish critical deals. Use artificial intelligence devices to investigate

sub-specialties inside your picked class. For instance, inside dream workmanship, you can additionally

have some expertise in sub-specialties like dull dream or capricious dream.

My Selling Process

I began with Etsy and slowly extended to different stages. It took me two years to get where I am, so don't

hurry into all stages without a moment's delay. Start with a couple and gradually increase.

Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP is my number one in light of multiple factors:

Enormous, worldwide crowd

No geographic limits

Simple record creation

For specialties, hold back nothing less than 5,000 outcomes, for example, recipe books, personal

development books, and wellness organizers. You can likewise make different organizers, utilizing

simulated intelligence produced pictures for covers and symbols.


Etsy is superb for contacting a worldwide crowd keen on imagination and computerized items. To find the

best specialties, type your thought into the pursuit bar and see what shows up on the first page. For

instance, "Example SVG" has less than 1,000 outcomes, making it a decent specialty.

Inventive Fabrica

This stage is perfect for Unit and low-satisfied books. Take a gander at what others in your specialty are

offering to track down top-selling classes.

Educators Pay Instructors

Regardless of beginning suspicion, this stage has demonstrated significant. It's great for instructive

assets, shading books, and delineations. There's no severe requirement for a specialty, permitting

adaptability in what you sell.

Stock Photograph Sites

Selling plans and photographs on miniature stock locales like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and iStock is

another great choice. Well known picture types incorporate scenes, nature, representations, and


Print-on-Request Sites

Unit locales are my outright #1. The absolute best stages incorporate Redbubble, Zazzle, Society6, and

Merchandise by Amazon. Continuously take a look at the opposition prior to jumping into a specialty. For

instance, wedding-themed items are profoundly well known on Zazzle.

Last Contemplations

Making and selling man-made intelligence created plans on different stages can overpower at first.

Notwithstanding, when you get its hang, you'll think that it is fulfilling and simple. Begin slow, center

around two or three stages, and bit by bit grow as you gain insight. Blissful selling!


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