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How To Guarantee You Score Huge Results Using A Writing Platform

Guaranteeing results on a writing platform is simple if you're using the right point of view. All you have to do is look and you will see how to score huge results.

By Jason Ray Morton Published 6 months ago 4 min read
How To Guarantee You Score Huge Results Using A Writing Platform
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I’m going to cut right to the chase. If you want to score results while writing and publishing on writing platforms, there are three ways to achieve successful results. Instead of looking at what everybody else looks at, primarily reads, views, and earnings, I will take a slightly broader look at scoring results on a writer’s platform.

Write, edit, write some more, edit, and hit publish. Then repeat!

The first and only tip that matters is to write. You’re not going to win the lottery if you don’t play, and you’re not getting the results you’re hoping for if you aren’t writing.

Pick one or two subjects that you’re knowledgeable and experienced with, then focus primarily on those. People respond well to knowledgeable people when they’re sharing their experiences. Revisit those subjects. For example, an ex-law enforcement official like myself might do the occasional true crime piece, and then turn to my personal favorites that I’ve read and studied as much as I could, asteroids, solar storms, and space science.

I find fiction writing fascinating. Since picking up a book in my twenties and suddenly finding that I enjoy reading, I have found the process to be fun, relaxing, and entertaining. Writing on Vocal, Medium, Substack, etc… gives you a chance to share what you’re working on with the world. If you have the privilege of finding readers and entertaining, or provoking their thoughts, you’ve done something good in a world that is so filled with ugliness it’s depressing. Give yourself a pat on the back.

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Look at who you’re communicating with!

You may never meet, but consider the people you’re communicating with as you are writing and sharing stories in the community. Where are they from? What cultural differences have you bridged being friendly, or even friends, with these intriguing, thought-provoking, interesting storytellers?

I just read an amazing piece by Babs Iverson. Babs is an amazing creator and one of the most supportive people on the platform. Her piece, The Dance, is awesomely done.

Over the past few years, as I've been consistently writing and working toward becoming a better writer, I've scored the major result of getting to know many wonderful people at all different levels of writing skill. These are people that I might never have known of otherwise.

One of the single biggest results of writing on a writing platform, such as Vocal, is widening your sphere of friends and relationships around the world.

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Jumping Into The Deeper Waters

Who’s written something that got published in hardback, or even on Amazon, and done something they wouldn’t have seen happening years ago? Truthfully, if I went back in time and asked my old running mates, girlfriends, or even my parents (God rest their souls), they’d have said, “Never in a million years.” While I haven't jumped into the waters of a published novelist or author, yet, I have gotten to know several who have.

Yet, I’m nearly halfway to having a fully completed manuscript, thanks in part to having started writing and self-publishing on Vocal and other Platforms.

Platforms like Vocal can help a person jump into deeper waters as a writer, expand their ideas, motivate them to go further, and offer connections to people that are encouraging and helpful. As much as it should be upon ourselves to stay motivated and push to chase our dreams, having a second or fifteenth set of eyes on your progress as you stay the course can’t hurt your chances at success.

No matter what happens, you’re here because you enjoy reading, or you want to write. As much as it is hard, frustrating, and can be overwhelming at times, try remembering that there is more than one measuring stick to use as a way of feeling results. Look back to where you started, and think about all of the other ways you've changed since beginning your journey.

If you don't believe there are benefits from writing on a platform such as Vocal, Substack, Medium, or another...read about a twice-published author who found their voice by using a platform like Vocal.


You can look at a writing platform, and the opportunities that they present, as a way of making it as a writer. But, that's not all of the benefits of using a platform. You can score huge results on writing platforms such as Vocal. Many of them aren't monetary.

1. Making new friends and acquaintances.

2. Finding sources of inspiration.

3. Like successful people in the world, you're exposing yourself to others with the same mindset.

4. The most important thing you can do is have fun while you're writing.

5. Develop the discipline to be consistently writing. Someone once said, "A writer writes, always."

6. Improve your writing skills. Writing something two years ago, I look back on it now and realize how much I had to learn, and how much I still have in front of me.

7. Get noticed. While it might not be Stephen King or some publishing house, using a platform can be rewarding when other writers notice you.

8. Valuable feedback. When you develop relationships with others, the feedback on your work will help you move forward if you want to make something of yourself by writing.

9. Learning about yourself. How much a person learns about themselves while they're doing something like regularly writing and sharing their views, stories, and imaginations with the world, is immeasurable.

10. Potentially have completed something special. Whether it's special to the world or just to you, regular writing and sharing with a platform helps you to see your finished story.

There are the benefits of writing on a writing platform. So, write, edit, write some more, edit again, and then repeat. That's the game!


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    Sage counsel.

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