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Check Mate Vocal!

This is not Vocal members who are inclusive, and all the others who aren't acknowledged.

By Louise Blake-Michael (Risen Phoenix)Published 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 1 min read
Check Mate Vocal!
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Check Mate!

I have learned two things recently: First, no one likes anyone outside the social norms. Second, no company or business likes people who share their thoughts on such matters.

If only gifs were allowed on vocal

I researched algorithms on who controls them it's the companies admins, developers, and public bodies. For those of us who want to stand out, write different than what is expected from Vocal dynamics we have to work twice as hard to come put with content because mysteriously the numbers don't mesh with the likes. There are a lot of shady things happening on Vocal these days and I understand believe me I do.

I love like I say everyday I love writing for vocal. But those who aren't accepted for good content should be acknowledged. I see every day almost the same people win challenges or the "creators we love" are mostly creating content that is almost the same. To me this is sad, and needs to be addressed.

I feel like I am not the most favourite person in my society because my spirit and need to be heard irritates them so much. I throw everything out of balance because I want to change the world. I want to make marks in history for my thoughts, and what I share in my writing. You want word count to be 600 words or more Vocal. Well we don't always get what we want.

@Justin and @vocalmoderators be fair with everyone you have this company for us to express ourselves we are the content creators we deserve a say. The whole Inclusive members and Creators We Love is wrong. An example of this is how parents play favourites with their children. Pining them against one another. It's nonsense!!!!


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Louise Blake-Michael (Risen Phoenix)

LouLou maintains a boundary between her professional endeavors and personal life. She wears many hats as an author, blogger, and content creator. In various projects, each one a testament to her dedication and passion for storytelling.

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  • Jazzy 3 months ago

    First off, I want to say I definitely have experienced this type of rage that you are expressing here on the site before. IT is both humbling and sometimes saddening to be on this platform and feel like its the "good ole boys club", However, if that is the lens you chose to use in regards to social media and sharing your writing, that is all you will see. From what I can tell. you offer a lot of value to Vocal; just like a lot of the creators. Vocal has been trying to branch out and make sure that there is "fairness" but fairness isn't that simple. Especially when it comes to contests. Not winning, or placing TOTALLY sucks. But there is something to be learned from those who do. I really think your time will come, don't give up!

  • I wonder the same thing as Judey. What do you mean by inclusive member? Also, yes, I get how disappointing it can be when the same group of people win challenges. And like Mike pointed out below, there's thousands of AI accounts on Vocal and that is why it's so difficult for genuine writers like us to get recognised.

  • Subscribed to become the newest member of the Vocal Underground (Copyright © 2024 Stephen A. Roddewig). We’re coming for you, 1st Place Winners 😡

  • Judey Kalchik 3 months ago

    What is an Inclusive member? I mean- I know what those words mean on their own, but I don't know what you mean by putting them together. I can share that the Creators We're Loving is run off of an algorithm: it updates about every 15 minutes, and shows randomized results, nit even necessarily people that are currently writing anything. It is nice, if it is nice at all, in that someone may click on it and read your work. But other than that: no big plot nor no biggie at all.

  • Some excellent points here, while no one deserves a Top Story or Challenge win, when it's the same people all the time suspicions are definitely raised

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