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A Letter to my Ex

Take care

By Merjaunie LenaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
 A Letter to my Ex
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Dear Ex,

You know who you are, and if you find yourself reading this I just want you to really listen to what this letter is saying to you.

You came into my life suddenly as I was fresh out of a relationship with my previous significant other at the time. We clicked right away, it was so easy to talk to you and goof around. You were like the male version of me, and during that time we started dating you made me feel important, and wanted, and sexy, and seen. You made me feel what my previous lover didn't.

You were good to me for a while, and you had made me think this was what real love should be like. You had me head over heels for you, and at one point it was like we were inseparable, always going to your house after work, going to your moms house together, family events. I really felt like I was apart of your family, and it felt great, I loved every single moment of it. We had spent so much time together that in a span of 3 months I was already telling you " I love you". I remember the first time I told you that we were at a room we had stayed at together after leaving Halloween Horror nights. Laying in bed, and it just came out those words, but shockingly you said it back.

I could go on and on about all the great times we had together and the laughs we had, but I could also go on and on about the bad memories we had too. But I won't do that right now, this letter is just a reminder of what you had, and what you decided to let go.

When I was with you I saw nobody but you, I would of done anything for you, and I did for a while. I was the most patient, caring, understanding, loving, loyal person to you, but it seemed you took that for granted. I always defended you, made excuses for you so you could stay in my life, but time after time those chances were taken for granted as well, or so that how you made me feel. All the lies, and secrets that resurfaced because you thought you wouldn't get caught, but you did. I would of respected you more if you would fo just told the truth about things, but that seemed so hard for you to do.

You stopped trying, and I felt like the relationship ended up becoming one sided. I was trying to keep us together for so long, that I was just hurting myself the whole time, while you were out putting your dick elsewhere. Then you started making me feel like I wasn't enough, like if it was my fauly even though you'd clearly say it wasn't. You said you didn't have time for a girlfriend but somehow still managed to go hang out with other girls, and fuck them. Make that make sense because to me it doesn't.

You really had a great girl by your side no doubt, because I know I am a great person to have in someone's life. But you decided that I wasn't and made me feel unworthy, and insecure. I literally had to lose you to love myself again, and remeber my worth and what I deserve. It took years of pain to regain my strength I once had before. It took for me to become broken hearted and feel disgusted by you to make me realize I was always settling for the bare minimum, and for years I did. Until that love turned into hate and disgust. Where I no longer get butterflies anymore I just feel my stomach in knots thinking about everything. You can no longer be in my life again because I will not give you the opportunity to hurt me.

Take care though.

Love MJ


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Merjaunie Lena

I write to express, and clear my head, it's my therapy.

It's not perfect, but nothing is

Being able to vent without a filter is the best way to go.

I am not a professional writer

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Comments (1)

  • Alisha Wilkins29 days ago

    I feel this letter. It hurts to have given so much to him and then be turned on in the end. I hated myself for defending him, for being the person who stood up for him always. If this is your pain too, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you had to feel that pain. But know that you are stronger and a wonderful being. You deserve so much more than to be someone's second choice. May you find your happiness in someone else. And maybe one day I will too.

Merjaunie LenaWritten by Merjaunie Lena

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