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6 Ways To Gain An Unfair Advantage As An Author No One Tells You About

Ways to get ahead of the rest of the crowd

By Elise L. BlakePublished about a month ago 4 min read
6 Ways To Gain An Unfair Advantage As An Author No One Tells You About
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Sometimes what you need to succeed above all the other authors is to know something that they don't.

The writing world, much like the rest of it, can be full of secrets and gatekeeping designed to give some an advantage above all the rest 

Well, it's time to break down the gates and let you in on the big secrets that are helping other authors get ahead. 

Nail Your Elevator Pitch 

When someone asks you about your book you should have it down to a precise and quick pitch that can be delivered in the time it takes to ride an elevator. Usually no more than a sentence or two. 

 Your pitch should include your unique premise, your protagonist, and the central conflict of your novel without giving too much away. 

The goal is to have those you are pitching it to wanting more and be interested in finding out exactly what will happen.

Be Ready With Your Book Comps

One of the biggest ways to market your book is to tell your readers what they are getting into when it comes to your book without giving away too much about it. 

If you were to say your book is like Gilmore Girls meets Supernatural readers have a good idea of what to expect and lovers of both of those comparisons will want to check out your book. 

Research and compile a list of comparable titles, books, movies, and even TV shows that share similar themes, genres, or target audiences with your novel. 

This helps you reach your target audience as well as help you market your book effectively to agents, editors, and readers, 

Don't Stop Talking About It

Go ahead and scroll down any author's social media page that has a book coming out soon. 

They talked about writing it, editing it, and when it's published they keep talking about it until they begin the next novel. 

Promoting your book doesn't stop once it's published, it's an ongoing process of pushing your book until everyone you know and everyone that they know has heard about it in some way, shape, or form. 

You wrote a book! Be proud of it! Shout it from the rooftops! Let the world know where they can find it. 

Talk About It Everywhere

If you want to spread the word about your book, then you need to spread the word. 

There shouldn't be a single social media stone left unturned when it comes to marketing your book. 

Utilize the free sources of the internet and make sure you are spreading the word in all the places you can reach. Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Pintrest, Youtube. 

If there's a way for you to stick a post or an ad if you can spare the funds then you should be plastering the internet town with flyers for your book. 

Audiences aren't going to find you, you have to make sure you are going out and make sure that they know you exist. 

Share Your Favorite Parts (spoiler-free) 

There's nothing wrong with giving readers a little taste of your book before they get their hands on the full thing. 

This is why supermarket bakeries used to put out tubs of cookies for you to try. 9/10 times you walked away a little happier and with a tub tucked safely in your carriage to go home with you. 

Share snippets of your favorite passages on your social media, your website, or in your promotional material. 

Share quotes that you love or parts that can grab your reader's attention without giving away any spoilers.

Utilize Advance Reader Copies

Advance reader copies or ARCs mean putting your book in the hands of select readers before it is available for regular purchase. These books are usually distributed to bloggers, reviewers, supporters, and anyone who can spread the word about your book to those who may purchase a copy for themselves. 

Please Note: When gifting ARCs to reviewers, it's essential to understand that doing so does not guarantee a positive review. Reviewers are entitled to their honest opinions, and unless there was a prior agreement to publicly share their review through a blog, post, or video format, they are not obligated to do so. 


These six things are just some of the things you can do to spread awareness of your book and gain an advantage over those who just toss their book out into the void and hope readers stumble upon it. 

Your book's success depends on the effort you put into it not just during writing it, but in all the steps that come afterward as well. 

Best of luck! 

With love, 

B. xo xo


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  • Mark Grahamabout a month ago

    All good tips and I am a book reviewer primarily of children's and youth books as well as many other kinds of books.

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