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Why the Tesla Is the Best Car

Nothing Compares

By Megan HendricksPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

About a month ago my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to test drive a Tesla. The car belonged to one of our good friends after we test drove the car we decided to look into what makes the car work. As we were test driving the car we noticed that the engine made no sound, there are no gears in a Tesla making the ride smooth and quiet. The car can go from slow to outstandingly fast in a matter of seconds, The increase in speed is caused by the lack of gears making it accelerate at an impressive state.

Teslas are made in the United States and are an all-electric car company. The Tesla company is a very electronic company the cars main attraction is the 17-inch touchscreen on the dash. Mapping out your route, playing music, backing up are all some of the features of the touchscreen menu. Have you ever been pulled over for speeding? of course not I know but if you are like me and have a heavy foot or forget what speed you are going the newer features Teslas have might shock you. The odometer in a Tesla can track what the speed limit is in the area you are driving in and show you what speed you should be driving. Even though some Teslas like model S p90d look like a car that couldn't go fast that is completely wrong. The Tesla Model S P90D has the horsepower of 762 and can go 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, that is crazy fast for any car.

This car can go 300 miles before it needs to be charged. Because Teslas are a car that needs to be charged it is important to make sure you have a charging station that is accessible. When my boyfriend and I test drove the car, we asked the owner if charging the car was ever an issue. He let us know that he had a house and so all he did was plug the car charger into the wall and charged it all night. One charging session will last the car about a week if you are going to and from work or grocery shopping.

We also asked the car owner if he would ever take the car on a road trip because of the lack of charging stations. The owner of the car let us know that he has taken the car on road trips before, at most gas stations there are charging stations and if not you can find one on a map. He also let us know that If you can not find one you can always bring the portable charger and find a place to plug it in. It can take about four hours for it to be fully charged so it would be great if you want to sightsee while you are on the road trip.

Because the Tesla's are electric cars, people that are cautious about the environment would love this car. The Tesla Is not a hybrid car that can take gas and charge, Because it relies on only electric it can help with the amount of pollution you are releasing. The engine of a Tesla is installed on the bottom of the car, this makes the Tesla a great car for space. The trunk in this car is spacious and there is a trunk in the front so you can have more space. To finish this article I want to say that this car is great for those who care about the envirnment and care about having a great quality car.


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