Why Classic Cars are Better. Period.

Classic cars have stood the test of time, and have only gotten finer with age. Here are some reasons why classic cars are superior.

Why Classic Cars are Better. Period.

In the modern age, it seems like classic cars have taken a backseat (pun intended) to modern vehicles. Both classic and modern cars have great things to offer, but if you’ve forgotten just how amazing classic cars are, here’s a little guide to jog your memory.

A More Genuine Driving Experience.

Modern cars are more prone to isolating the driver from the overall driving experience. Typically a modern car will have sound insulation, numb steering and uninvolved driving dynamics. Classic cars have no power steering, little to no sound insulation and no electronic nannies. The smell of burned hydrocarbons is enjoyed by many car enthusiasts. A classic car is one of the purest forms of driving.

Attention. You know you want it.

You’ll definitely get it rolling up in a classic car. If you were to roll up in a classic 1965 Chevy Corvette, you get way more attention than the guy rolling up in the brand new Corvette. There’s just something about classic cars that attracts people.

No Driving Aids.

No traction control. No steering control and anti lock brakes. These things are helpful to casual drivers, but if you are looking into a classic car, you’re definitely not a casual driver. These aids can get in the way of you fully enjoying your car. You don’t want your car telling you how to drive. If you want to drift, do handbrake turns and burnouts, you shouldn’t be held back. You’ll have complete control of the car.

You’ll be a Better Driver.

Due to the lack of driving aids in classic cars, you are forced to become a much better driver. You’ll need to learn threshold braking, throttle control and how to correct understeer and oversteer. It’s just you and the car.

They are Lighter and Smaller.

Many cars have grown quite a bit over the years. Since its inception, the Mini has nearly doubled in weight and the Porsche 911 has gotten 100mm wider. It’s widely accepted that lighter sports cars are better sports cars. With that logic, classic sports cars aren’t so bad after all.

The Community.

Most people own a car. But there’s only a small fraction of people involved in a car community, and the classic car community is one of the best. There are always meetups going on, and a lot of great online communities like Clasiq where you can get in touch with those who share the same passion for classic cars that you do. You’ll be hard pressed to find that sort of community with most modern cars.


Classic cars are simple, most of them aren’t overly complicated like many modern cars. Some modern cars have dozens of buttons that can confuse a driver, classic cars are not like this at all. They are easy to work on, there’s room for activities and no computers and complicated wiring to get in the way. Because of this, classic cars make great project cars so you get under the hood and start tinkering around.

There is definitely a need for both modern and classic cars out in the world, and each have their pros and different uses. It really depends on the type of driver you are. If you are a car lover and really want to take your driving to the next level, a classic car is a no brainer. If you’re looking for something that is convenient and easy, a modern car might be more your speed.

It really is a matter of preference, but classic cars have a special place in every car lover’s heart, and you may just need to hop behind the wheel of one to truly understand what all the fuss is about.

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