What Does Your Favourite Car Say About You?

Does your car match your personality?

What Does Your Favourite Car Say About You?

You can read a lot into people when you look at what they drive. Certain makes and models of cars obviously attract very different people, and in some cases, a very particular set of people. For example, if you ride around in a BMW chances are that you’re not a very good driver, and if you drive around in anything made by Bugatti then you probably have a lot of money. Any how, let’s take a look to see what car you like says about your personality.

Bugatti Veyron

Expensive, but really predictable. You’re the sort of person who would buy a really expensive suit, but it looks exactly like all the other generic black suits and white button down shirts out there. Also you’ve started dabbling with wearing loafers but with no socks in the hopes that that will attract more blondes back to your penthouse apartment where everything is monochrome. No doubt you probably wear Hugo Boss aftershave too.

Citroen Saxo or Vauxhall Corsa

You’re a happy go lucky person with probably not a lot of money. You live carefree, because your insurance payout could potentially be more than the value of the car itself. You are however someone who does things on the cheap and is unlikely to want to spend much money, apart from when it’s all about getting a pointless accessory for your car. However, you’re always looking out for a bargain, so you’d love a site like Discount Promo Codes. They have discounts from a whole range of car and non-car retailers such as Halfords, Argos and Debenhams, meaning you can save no matter what you’re getting.

Fiat 500

Small, effeminate but a good amount of self-confidence. You have the belief that you’re good enough, even if many don’t. You’re not afraid to show your more vulnerable side, and want to feel comfortable by being who you are. You’re a good person to confide in and a good shoulder to cry on. You’re sensitive to other people’s emotions but also good in a crisis, because you keep calm and composed under pressure.

Subaru Impreza

Loud and unnecessarily annoying. You’re the sort of person who’d turn up to a party you’re not invited to already drunk, spill drink everywhere and then vomit on the carpet. You also don’t go anywhere without your subwoofers and you think yourself as a bit of a rapper, even though you have very little talent in spitting bars. You try hard at things, but maybe you shouldn’t.

Ford Focus

A bit boring, but quite sensible really. Chances are that you have a family that you need to take care of, so you look for practicality in everything rather than style. You sometimes long for the old days of living it up and having a bit of fun, but you’re sensible and responsible now. You have the odd moment of fun, but raising a family is serious work. And because you’ve got one eye on the future, chances are you’ll be looking at getting a people carrier soon.

Saab 9000

Longing for the days that have already passed. A bit like the boring Ford Focus driver, you’re that but still, in your head, living in the 1980s. Your friends probably find you a bit dull and joyless, but you’re a safe pair of hands to have around. Your favourite meal is probably a cheese sandwich, with a side of ready salted crisps and some dairy milk chocolate to finish, all washed down with a nice refreshing glass of water. Even mayonnaise is too spicy for you.

Literally Any Alfa Romeo

You’re brash, loud and stylish—but ultimately unreliable. You seem to have all the makings of a really good person, but you have that one fatal flaw that makes you irritating to a lot of people unfortunately. And whatever you do to try and fix the problem, it always ends up as you giving yourself a bit of a makeover and a change of clothes instead of addressing the root cause: you’re just not dependable. Only if you completely transform yourself will you get the positive attention you crave, otherwise you’ll end up haggard and broken, like these old cars.

Uh… A Bicycle?

To be honest, I don’t know why you’re really here, nor why you’ve scrolled down right to the bottom of this page to find this. If you’re all about cars then perhaps nothing will fill you with dread more than becoming a lycra-clad cyclist. But if you are one, and prefer them over cars, then you are at least doing something positive towards the environment. You’re a bit of a do-gooder and a people pleaser, so long as those people are probably vegans. However, you’re someone who can completely turn on a sixpence if someone does anything bad to you, like cutting you up or not indicating.

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