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Weirdest Car Customizations

by Ossiana Tepfenhart 4 years ago in design / list

Car customizations typically make your car stand out, but some of the weirdest car customizations out there might make them stand out a little *too* much.

Car customizations are, to me, works of art that show a driver's unique personality. They elevate cars from utilities to forms of personal expression, and to a point, show the limits of what engineering can create.

However, there are certain car mods that are just a bit too extreme for my taste. Some mods make the cars in question difficult to drive, maintain, or even identify as cars in the first place.

When push comes to shove, some of the weirdest car customizations out there really aren't worth the money or time they took to make possible.

Holographic Car Paint

If there's one thing I enjoy, it's holographic paint. I have holographic shoes, a holographic backpack, and plenty of holographic mirror sunglasses in my wardrobe.

However, I'll be the first person to say that holographic car paint is one of the weirdest car customizations I've ever seen and that it might actually be dangerous.

Holographic paint is extremely shiny and extremely distracting. If you have a car that's covered in holographic chrome, there's nothing saying that the bright light of the sun's rays won't reflect off the car and possibly blind a driver.

Moreover, people will get distracted by this crazy paint job—and that, too, can lead to accidents.

Glued-On Action Figures

For most car enthusiasts out there, many of the weirdest car customizations out there still deserve some kind of respect. However, this is not one of them.

It's pretty obvious what this car customization move is. A person who chooses to do this mod ruins the car's paint job and puts stupid plastic figurines all over an otherwise cool car.

It's an eye sore, a waste of money, and just an overall terrible idea. Additionally, removing those figurines will cause the paint to peel. So, once you make this mistake, you're done—unless you take a trip to Maaco.

If you want your car to look like a kid's preschool project while you simultaneously ruin the car's resell value, then, by all means, give this car mod a try. Otherwise, steer clear.

Bosozoku Car Bodies

If cars could scream, cars that have been modified with the addition of Bosozoku car body kits would be screaming "KILL ME! I USED TO BE A CAR!"

This Japanese car mod trend is one that involves adding such extreme body kits and exhaust pipes to your car that it is no longer recognizable as a car. Rather, it ends up looking like some kind of strange, mutated machine having a mid-life existential crisis.

In many cases, the cars will have ramp-like body kit extensions that cause the bumpers to jut out as far as a foot from the car. Some also will have exhaust pipes that arc over the body of the car as well.

To my knowledge, Bosozoku car body kits are not street legal in America, but that doesn't mean that people won't have them on project cars.

Most car people will tell you that this car mod is often considered one of the weirdest car customizations you can getin the world. I'm inclined to agree—wholeheartedly.

Car Light Eyelashes

These are some of the weirdest car customizations I've seen on the road, and it wasn't a one-time viewing, either. For some reason beyond my understanding, there was a trend involving putting large eyelashes on car headlights.

It was considered a "girly" trend for ladies who wanted a low budget "cute" car mod, but honestly, it just looked downright strange. A car? With eyelashes? Why!?


A stanced car is a car that has multiple car mods on it—specifically, it's been lowered as far as it can go and also (typically) has been given a body kit. When you see a car that looks like it might scrape the ground, you're looking at a stanced car.

Though it's definitely not one of the weirdest car customizations on this list, seeing one really does look surreal. It's the kind of car mod that makes you wonder, "Why would they do that to their car?"

Perhaps we have The Fast and the Furious to thank, or perhaps it's because we as a society have watched one too many hip hop videos, but the stanced car is a surprisingly common car mod.

The fact that it's a common-ish car mod is actually impressive since it's expensive, rarely street legal, and also tends to require repairs every six months due to the scrapes the body kit will get when pulling out of driveways.

Cambered Wheels

Cambered wheels are wheels that have been adjusted so that they spin on an incline, thus giving the car the appearance of having been squished by its own body kit.

Though it may look somewhat cool, it's not something you want to do to your car. If a standard car with this mod could speak, it'd be screaming, "Kill me! I can't even move right anymore!"

In this mod, the cars are given a negative camber (angle adjustment) so they jut out a bit. More often than not, the car tires are stretched out and pushed to the edge of the tire guards, too.

Unsurprisingly, cambered wheels are often seen on stanced cars as well as Bosozuku cars. This is one of the weirdest car customizations out there for a number of reasons—specifically, the appearance and the mechanics behind it.

Because cambered wheels tend to apply uneven pressure on the car tires, this car mod also puts you at an astronomically high risk for blowouts, ball joint breaks, and tire problems.

Steering these cars with this customization can be difficult, and if these customized cars' tires aren't maintained with near-obsessive regularity, it can also cause the tires to explode right off the control arm!

Glow Paint

Not all of the so-called weirdest car customizations out there are particularly bad for your car's health—or increase accident risk. Glow-in-the-dark car paint is a new car mod trend that could potentially make your car easier for people with night blindness to see.

Glow paint cars might have an issue with being cop magnets, but the truth is that it's a strange yet beautiful car mod choice that won't harm your car. Sure, it costs a pretty penny, but that's to be expected. After all, car mods are never cheap.

Flame Thrower Exhausts

Most of these bizarre car mods have been around for at least a decade— but this one's still relatively new in the mod scene. Sort of. Well, it's still one of the weirdest car customizations we've been introduced to recently.

Basically, this allows large streams of fire to shoot out of your car's exhaust pipes on purpose—rather than the accidental fires that came out of there when you had that clunker in college.

The risks that come with this car modification should be obvious. If your car catches fire, you're done. If it shoots fire near your trunk, then any frozen goods in there will also possibly melt.

Needless to say, it's probably one of the most dangerous car mods on this list if it's poorly installed. Or, you know, if you're unlucky.

Even so, Ghost Riderprobably would approve of this. So, we give it a thumbs up.


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