The Truck Stop Industry

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about the truck stop industry and what it's for

The Truck Stop Industry

The truck stop industry is growing at a fast pace, and with it, so are truck stops. Now for those of you who don't know what a truck stop is, think of a gas station with a big parking lot and big trucks. A truck stop was created because, sadly, not all gas stations can fit a big semi-truck at their pumps. So lucky for truck drivers, truck stops were invented.

But that's not all a truck stop is. Maybe your new to the trucking life, or perhaps you've been apart of it for years, but what most people don't recognize is that truckers are essential for our everyday life. Everything you wear, eat, and use every day was most likely brought to you from a truck. Ya, you might have picked it up from the store, but a truck is the thing that got it there.

The person driving that truck is the only reason you have everything you own. Prove me wrong, even if you plant your own food and sew your own clothes, where did the seeds from your garden come from? Where did you get the fabric for your clothes? You may not be as independent as you thought. Well, just like us, truckers are people too, and they have needs. Some of which can only be taken care of by a truck stop. So, as I said before, truck stops aren't just for truckers te get fuel for their trucks. They provide services for truckers to eat, sleep, shower, relax, and park. All for a fee, of course. But, hey, they have to make their money somehow, too, right? To get a better understanding, let's dive a little deeper into each one of these a little more.

Eating at a Truck Stop

I'm not a big fan of the food at truck stops. For one, like fast-food restaurants, they don't have as many healthy choices, which is why truck drivers that want to stay fit and make a difference in this world don't have many options. It's sad to say, but on the good side, there are "some" truck stops that have healthy choices; they are just very few and hard to come by. The healthiest foods you can find at a truck stop usually consist of granola bars, salads, fruits, and fresh meat (non-lunch-meat.) If you're a trucker, I'd avoid the wheat products. Even though truck stops are there for their truckers, I wish they valued each trucker's health a little more; I mean, they are the ones keeping truck stops open.

Sleeping/Parking at a Truck Stop

Truck stops don't have beds or rooms available for a trucker to sleep in. Instead, they let you park in their lot, and you can sleep in the back of your truck. Most trucks will have a bed behind the front seats to sleep in at night. I don't actually know if having a room for a trucker would be worth it. It would kinda feel like a waste of money to me, and with a bed, in the back, it doesn't make sense. Some truckers think otherwise, though, and maybe a nice snuggly bed would be worth the expenses.

Showering at a Truck Stop

It's very rare for truckers to get a nice shower in while they are on the road, and that's why truck stops decided to add a shower to their business. It's a pretty good idea if you ask me and very needed. The best part about truck stop showers is they free after buying a certain amount of fuel. Truckers earn points and every time they reach a certain amount, they receive a shower or can choose to have money for a small meal if they'd rather. Truck stop showers aren't just used by truckers though; they are actually made for anyone to be able to use them.

Sarah Rodgers
Sarah Rodgers
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