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The Evolution of Volvos

by Ada Zuba 4 years ago in list

For the Car Enthusiasts

Volvos are known for being the cars that last and for being one of the safest cars to own. This is a timeline for the Volvo Models. I have chosen a car from at least each decade to show the difference in the shape, size, and other qualities. The Volvo is known to be one of the safest cars to drive. Volvo also produces trucks for construction.

The first Volvo was created in 1927. It was known to be the smallest and most profitable car on the market in Stockholm. They were also known to be sturdy cars.

The Volvo PV4

The next car was the PV650 series, produced in 1929. The size had shrunk significantly, but it did not help that it was not much of a passenger car. As you can see, the car above is much larger than the one below. The spare tire was also kept on the outside and not in the trunk.

PV650 Series

1930—The TR670 was a larger car than the first series that came out. It resembled more of a jeep than a Volvo, but it had large amounts of space for family and storage.


Then, if we look at the next decade of the 1940s, the PV444 was a great family car back in the 40s. This was still when most cars looked alike to each other.


Next, the 1950s. The Amazon was a huge game changer. This is when the "boxy" look had started to develop itself as the brand name for Volvo. It was one of the few cars that had a legitimate name and did not feature letters and numbers.

The Amazon

The 1960s Volvo 164. This is where the Volvo started to get the classic look that we are all familiar with. This car was one of the last ones to still maintain a classic "antique" look with the round headlights, and the silver mirrors makes the car unforgettable.

Volvo 164

The Volvo 240 lasted longer and was a great car. It is the perfect classic look of a car and was used in many movies.

Volvo 240

The next car we have is the car of the 80s that does not resemble the boxy shape of a Volvo. This car is not recognized as a Volvo car because it is hatch back and it was not as popular as other Volvo models.

Volvo 480

Now the 90s are the Volvos that are still familiar to us. It has the boxy frame, and this is the image that usually pops into your head when you think Volvo—at least I know I do. The station wagons are often a good fit for someone who loves skiing because it fits in the trunk easily.

The Station Wagon of a Volvo 850

The 2000s are the more up to date models, and for this example I have chosen a station wagon; but as you can see, it has a sleeker look than the one above.

Volvo V70

The Volvo 2010. Volvo had started making cars that look more sleek and not as boxy as in previous years. The car now features a much more sporty look, and it looks like it is expensive, which, to be honest, Volvos are rather on the expensive side of cars.

The Volvo S90

From Box to Sleek, this is still one of the most popular cars in world. They last long and are safe. Currently, I drive one myself, and it is a Volvo 850 from the year 1994, so that should be proof in and of itself that it was built to last. The Volvo slogan, after all, is "For Life."


Ada Zuba

Hello fellow interweb explorers! I am Ada Zuba. I binge the Netflix shows and just recently Disney plus has been my happy place. I am a creative person with a big love for Disney movies. I hope to one day write and publish a fantasy novel.

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