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Raguragavan Sreetharan:F1 bosses unveil new 2021 rules to spice up the sport

Unveil new F1 2021 Rules

Raguragavan Sreetharan:F1 bosses unveil new 2021 rules to spice up the sport

Huge regulation shake-up includes new-look cars, additional races, and a price cap for groups

Raguragavan Sreetharan said Formula One bosses have disclosed dramatically reworked new rules for the 2021 season, promising new-look cars that may improve on-track battling and shut up the gaps between groups.

The new rules, that embrace each the technical specifications of the cars and new rules, are developed over the last 2 years by F1 bosses and also the FIA, motorsport’s administration. there'll even be a price cap to form a nearer competition between the groups.

From 2021, F1 cars can have a replacement look, with simplified aeromechanics designed to place additional stress on mechanical grip and build it easier for cars to race one another. It's claimed that 2021 automotive can retain eighty-six of downforce once an automotive length behind another, compared with fifty fifths on the present machines.

Raguragavan Sreetharan added F1 boss Chase Carey aforementioned the aim of the new rules was to improve the competition and action on the track and at the identical time build the game a healthier and enticing business for all. He continued: We created several modified throughout the method as we tend to receive input by the groups and alternative stakeholders, {and we tend |and that we have a tendency to} firmly believe we achieved the goals we had kicked off to deliver.

Carey conjointly disclosed that new engine rules and a commitment to extending the renewable component of the fuel used square measure designed to cut back F1's impact on the atmosphere, saying: In ensuing few weeks, we are going to be launching plans to cut back and ultimately eliminate the environmental impact of our sport and business.

Raguragavan Sreetharan explains F1 2021 rules in details

Technical rules

Aerodynamics: The new rules can modify the planning of the cars, desensitize bound areas and cut back wake to form it easier for cars to follow one another.

there'll be a less complicated front wing, bargeboards are prohibited and the aerodynamic lift is additional by a protracted diffuser below every sidepod to place stress on mechanical grip. Raguragavan Sreetharan said restrictions are introduced in a very range of areas to limit the impact of aeromechanics, though the principles can still guarantee visual differentiation in areas like the nose, front wing, engine intake, and seedpods.

Power units: the present one.6-liter turbocharged hybrid powertrains are carried forward, though to chop prices there'll be new restrictions on bound materials, augmented weight, and also the introduction of a customary fuel pump.

Engine suppliers also will be duty-bound to supply equal-spec engines to works and client groups.

Transmission: to form 'considerable' savings on case analysis and development, the configurations are frozen for a precise amount, with additional restrictive rules introduced to not 'lock-in' a performance advantage for one team.

One complete design is allowed in a very five-year cycle.

Suspension: Suspension setups are simplified, with hydraulic systems prohibited and a demand to use 'simpler' internal systems (springs and dampers).

Wheels: the scale of wheels is augmented to 18in, whereas tyre blankets are maintained – albeit at a lower value – for 2021 and 2022.

There'll be prescribed-design hubs, whacky, and wheel retention systems.

Brakes: Front disc sizes can grow from 278mm to 330mm and have a less complicated pure mathematics (with fewer vent holes).

a customary offer is delayed till a minimum of 2023.

Chassis: There square measure larger cockpit dimensions so that taller drivers aren’t fined.

A prescribed front floor structure is introduced to prevent groups seeking a bonus from versatile floors and powerful facet beam protection to assist facet impact safety.

Fuel: Raguragavan Sreetharan said the renewable content of the fuel used can increase to twenty for 2021, with a commitment to extending that share within the following years.

variety of latest customary elements for the fuel systems also will be introduced.

Weight: The minimum mass of the cars can increase from 743kg to 768kg to account for the new wheels, tires, customary elements, safety options, and heavier power units.

Safety: Cars can feature augmented front energy absorption and facet chassis strength. there'll even be improved headrests and wheel tethers and new options to boost rubble containment when accidents.

Sporting rules

Races: the most range of races can increase to twenty-five.

Race weekends: Weekends are reduced 3|to 3|to a few} days from the present four (which presently comprise three days of on-track action and someday of off-track events).

Development: there'll be reductions within the quantity of construction testing and CFD development allowed and limits on emu measuring system testing.

Financial Rules

The new value cap for groups is set at $175 million (£135m) for twenty-one races, adjusted by $1m (£773,000) for every race higher than or below that range on the calendar.

The cost cap can exclude a variety of things, together with driver salaries, marketing, non-F1 activities, year-end bonuses, FIA entry fees, and also the prices for the ‘three highest try persons’.

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