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Know About One Of The Highest Highway of the World.

by Ryan 11 months ago in travel

The reason that the Manali-Leh ride differs from other motorcycle routes is that the highway is one of the highest highways in the world and is only open for 4 and a half months every year due to the treacherous conditions such as being blocked off by snow. The scenic beauty of this trip makes the trip and its risks well worth the ride.

Know About One Of The Highest Highway of the World.
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The highway includes various attractions and many winding roads usually one and a half lanes to two lanes with the medium unmarked. Many people start their trip in Delhi making their way to Manali, which is a hill station. This stretch of the road is usually blocked off by snow for about 75 percent of the year. When the snow thaws, the beauty of the Manali-Leh Highway can be observed. On the trip, you will go to many destinations and not specifically in the order of these attractions.

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A Warning to Novice Riders about Altitude and the Dangers of the Trip

A pre-warning is that some parts of the Manali-Leh can be dangerous because of rock-slides, but it is just too great of an opportunity to miss out on, honestly. It is not for the novice or even intermediate motorcyclists. This is for the Expert Riders. Mountain sickness or AMS is major threat for the riders. Many riders don't take seriously and they may ruin their trip. You must give your body proper time to acclimatize at such an altitude.

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The Appeal of This Trip

You will cross the many high mountain passes on the Highway. Get to go through the canyon Gorges of Pang, which is where two major rivers have carved out the gorges as they meet. A big attraction of Ladakh is the Pangong Tso. The Pangong Tso is a beautiful brackish lake that covers over 134 km that spans from India to China at a staggering altitude of 4,350m .

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More About the Journey of Self-Discovery: Tents and More

On this trip, you will get to see other attractions and even stay in tent camps, which puts a twist on the motorcycle trip. Some of the rest stops are Manali and Sarchu. Sarchu is a tent camp with a landscape with more vegetation you will see sometimes in the ride. The topography includes creeks and streams, and long winding roads, which make for smooth yet exciting cruising. As you ride, you can get a sense of calming peace as you admire the beauty of this area of your Manali-Leh ride.

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Attractions of Leh and Ladakh

It has lots of attractions like Pangong Lake, Magnetic hill, Indus river valley, Hemis monastery, Shanti Stupa, When you get closer to Leh, you can even check out the Nubra Valley, although it is about 150km north of Leh or visit the many monasteries. Leh is in Ladahk and used to be the capital of the Indian state. Check out more at official government website.

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Fun in the Mud

It can get very muddy and wet on the ride and sometimes rides get stuck because of the run-off from the mountains. Always take care to make sure you stay away from hazardous spots on your ride to avoid ending up as a muddy, angry mess. Usually, this isn't such a big problem because most riders deal with this climate, even if they are riding in places like the U.S.

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Twist and Shout

However; the twisting and winding roads and the breath-taking topography of the ride make for the absolutely perfect, completely blissful ride. All that you must do is prepare for your journey and make sure you have the skills to complete the ride. Furthermore, don't rush through your trip as if you slow down, you can take in the beauty of the scenery and develop a true appreciation of the Manali-Leh highway.

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In the Fall, the temperatures on the Manali-Leh are negative 2 to 10 degrees Celsius, but it can get plain frigid at night-time. This trip is not recommended for people sensitive to temperatures or with motion-sickness because of the twisting and winding roads.

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Preparing for the Trip

You must bring several things if you plan to go on the Manali-Leh highway route. Some items include warm socks, warm cloths, Items to protect from UV rays like UV protection Glasses, Sun Screen cream. Above then all you also have to take care of the mountain sickness. So keep the proper medication prescribed by your doctor.

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You must also get yourself waterproof backpacks for your trip because it can get very muddy and wet as you ride. Sleeping bags are a very important investment too seeing as you will be camping out often at night at cold places.

Apart from the bag packing there are other things which you should consider to prepare for this trip. First thing is to work on the itineraries. create a good itinerary for your Ladakh trip to get maximum from it. This detailed route map may help you in this. It contains all the major places of Ladakh and Spiti Valley with altitude and distance mentioning.

I'm Attracted

Once you make it to Leh, there are many beautiful attractions there which end the ride with a bang. I have found a good travelogue for a motorcycle tour to Ladakh to visualize the scenic motorcycle journey.

If you are just now getting started, plan an itinerary for your trip, pack what you need, and be safe!

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