How to Properly Look After Your Vehicle

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Let us take a look then at a couple of ways you can take care of your four-wheeled friend, so you can continue to reap these benefits in years to come.

How to Properly Look After Your Vehicle

People often like to describe their vehicles as their best friends. And you know wha? This comparison makes a lot of sense. For instance, in both these cases, commitment and good care are well rewarded. In the case of friendship, investment is returned with respect and good deeds. In the cases of cars, these rewards come in the form of endurance, reliability, and safety.

Keep the windshield clean

Of course, not only the windshield – your car should be cleaned inside out at least once a month. But, the windshield has a direct influence on the road visibility so you should make sure to give it a good wash every two weeks. Of course, things like rain stains, insect splashes, and bird droppings should be dealt with immediately. Good treatment with windshield protection will prevent these things from occurring so frequently.

Change of the expandable components

Your car may be running on gas, but there are a lot more expandable components here working together to keep it moving. That is why you should make sure all these things are frequently checked and timely replaced. Here are the most important mentions:

  • Engine oil should be replaced every 3,000 miles
  • Transmission fluids should be replaced every 50,000 miles
  • Air filters should be changed every 12,000 miles
  • Tires should be rotated every 3,000 miles and changed every couple of years
  • Coolants should be changed every two years

Take care of the seemingly minor issues

Every part of your car, no matter how menial it may look at first glance, plays a certain role and affects the vehicle's overall performance. Because of that, all of the seemingly minor issues should be immediately addressed. So, if you have a damaged bumper, find a reliable bumper repair service and get the problem solved. If you notice the car's fuel economy is not what it used to be, schedule a full inspection at the local mechanic shop.

Examine the brakes

Brakes have an insanely important effect on the vehicle’s performance. And, because they are so frequently used, they are very susceptible to wear and tear. Fortunately, the tires are among the mechanical systems that are easiest to access and inspect. So do this, let’s say, every 10,000 miles. And for how to notice malfunctions, there are a couple of ways to do it:

  • Listen to the vehicle—brakes are designed to produce warning noise when damaged
  • Look at the wheels—As the brake pads wear down, the accumulation of dirt decrease
  • Look at the pads—If they have become thinner than 1/4-inch they should be replaced
  • Feel the pedal—Damaged brakes produce slight vibration

Check the tire pressure

Checking the tire pressure is yet another popular DIY car maintenance every person can and should do from time to time. As for the frequency, the exact interval varies from brand to brand. But, you can lose virtually nothing if you do this once a month. Just remove the cap from the air valve, press the tire gauge against the valve and read the pressure. Reference numbers should be provided by the manufacturer.

Keep the car protected when you don’t use it

Yeah, the vehicle can be damaged even if it’s parked. It is how and where you park it that counts. So, if the weather is sunny do your best to find a good shade and use the sunshade to protect the inside of the vehicle. In case of rain, make sure the car is properly waxed and, preferably, covered with a tarp. The snow should be removed as soon as it starts building layers on the vehicle.

We hope these six tips gave you some general idea of how you can take better care of your daily driver. Vehicles are complex mechanisms that require a lot of effort and careful maintenance. Spend some time with them and cater to their needs. All of your efforts will be well returned.

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