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Car Magazine Impacted Many People In That Hospital Ward

The ruffling of the pages immediately took a different turn that day, but who would have thought;

By Dave WettlauferPublished 3 months ago 5 min read
Local Hospital and a Stretched Classic Ambulance

On a regular bases, we car enthusiasts read anything published that has 4 wheels attached. In our defense, we have to keep up with the latest car parts, show and shine events and, the annual car parts and swap meets.

In addition, and (here is the punch line) they always show ‘excellent photos’ of classic and vintage cars.

But I never gave it a thought until that day at the hospital. This Classic Car Magazine, which is written for car enthusiast, took on a different meaning that day.

So, as this story started off with fun car events in the newspaper, this theme is not about classic cars per-se.’ It’s more about the impression they leave on a person, especially in the next part of the story.

This Car Magazine Impacted Many People In That Hospital Ward And My Story Really Starts Here.

A family member came down with a health-related issue and as the doctor ordered a hospital visit was scheduled. As per arranged time, we are heading towards the local hospital for his appointment. I was clearing the driveway when I remembered; I forgot something decent to read.

We all know hospitals have poor, last week’s edition of doom and gloom. That part I never understood in a hospital, for the sick people to read. Why not something more upbeat and positive?

So I picked up my all-time favorite magazine the Old Autos Newspaper. Yup I say to myself, it’s a Classic Car day for reading while I’m waiting, and, off we go.

After finding a remote spot at the far end of the hospital parking lot, I slipped my ride into the only hole I could jam my car into. Then we headed towards the entranceway and finally into the overcrowded waiting room.

As we entered the doorway, I noticed right off how quiet it was, you could hear a pin drop. After a visual scanning of the room, these people had other things on their minds.

As I am settled in an old wooden outdated chair, I opened up the Old Auto Classic Car Newspaper.

Impact of A Classic Car Newspaper

You could instantly hear the room come alive. (Excuse the pun) At that point, I thought I was disturbing these folks with the loud ruffling noise of the newspaper. As I apologized for being so rude, I noticed, they were not looking at me. It was my ‘Classic Car Newspaper’ they were interested in.

So here’s my observation; ‘Can reading a simple newspaper help you mentally and momentarily take you to a better place, sure it can, it did that day...’

Instantly a lady on my right woke up from the noise of the pages being turned and with wide bright eyes said. “I own one of them” as she pointed to a picture of a 1952 Hudson four-door. ‘Took my brother two years of hard work to overhaul his 62 Corvette,’ “Just like that one as she pointed to a picture in the paper.” The guy to my left of her said, “I had one of those sports cars.” Oh yeah, she was a beauty.

I notice through all this commotion on a simple newspaper that I take for granted that it is only a good read, the paper held a different meaning that day for these folks.

The woman across from me tried her hardest to read the backside of the paper, but I knew she would have had a rough time doing such a thing. At that point, I’m noticing these people are leaving that dark place their minds were in for a happier time in their lives.

I quickly removed the swap meet section and laid the classic car newspaper down among the doom and gloom literature you regularly see in these Hospitals. Any literature would be more refreshing than what was on those tables.

So as I laid the paper down, it was immediately scooped up by a lady sitting across from me who tried to read the paper upside down. A few moments later, she laid it down, and it immediately got picked up by someone else across the room.

I couldn’t help but notice all the interest these people had in my old paper.

After leaving these surroundings, I immediately wrote to the publisher of this classic car newspaper and explained the unexpectedly secondary purpose of their paper. Maybe at that moment in time I explained, it had a secondary and higher meaning for someone or maybe all these people in that room.

Most of us take things for granted as reading a newspaper for the week-end swap meet and forget about it till the next addition. I’m sure even the publishers never intended for his paper to be read in a hospital setting, hell, I never gave it another thought until that day.

Special Comment

The gist of this story is not that Classic Car Newspaper that brings great and informative information to collectors and auto enthusiasts. But more importantly that day, even for a short period of time, reading the Classic Car Newspaper brought much-needed smiles and precious memories to those unfortunate people who had an uncertain future.”

You had to be there to really understand the impact it made; “Their looks and smiles were priceless that day when their minds went to a better time in their lives”

This story is a memory of my Brother Jack who was my swap meet partner and a friend. He got some bad news that day.

RIP my brother Jack-John-Gary W.

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