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The Last Days of a Classic Car Swap Meet Season

In Canada the summer is winding down which means, the outside automotive activities will soon be coming to an end. But that could be a good thing because of my new hobby.

By Dave WettlauferPublished 5 months ago 6 min read
Authors photo and complements of Roadmaster Car Club.

According to ‘Daves Custom Cars Website’ there's only one more car event left in our area. As I broke the news to you automotive diehards in my usual dainty way ... come rain, shine, sleet, or hail, even the possibility of snow … I must attend the last swap meet before it’s officially over.

Like this short funny and must-watch YouTube video that, explains everything.

Now I have to admit, threw the summer I did pick up a few rare antiques, and one-or-two extra parts for my newfound hobby, I sold a few car parts and made a little jingle in my pocket, ‘What’s not to like.’

But overall as an avid car show and shine goer, I’m already missing these car events.

Only car-related items are for sale here.

Now, all of us seasonal car eventgoers know that some items are not allowed to be sold at these swap meets. Why you ask; ‘because it’s an automotive (ONLY) buy and sell swap meet.’ … One enthusiastic buyer commented at the last event, ‘IT’S NOT A FLEA MARKET.

So having said that, many vendors do occasionally sneak in a few undesirable items and, tuck them into an unsuspicious area on their tables. Maybe next to the 1928 Ford Fenders or beside these big wide drag racing tires shown in the photo, nobody'll notice they say. However observant old opinionated me, in my estimation ‘that somewhat defeats the purpose of selling them.’

Authors Photo

However, as a long-time vendor at these car-swap meets and among my auto parts for sale, I sneak in a few questionable items myself. Some items I think could be a judgment call by the organizers.

This next part sounds like I am switching another gear, but I’m not really, it’s all related.

Take, for example, my surplus items from my newfound hobby … these homemade cigar box guitars I laid out. I believe they hold that nostalgic classic car look. If anyone asked and in my way of thinking, they’d fit right into this classic car environment . Certainly my guitar with a homemade sound box and old license plate attached like in this photo would be suitable for this fun event.

Photo by Author/Sixpaque

Now I know what you think, ‘Where is this guy's classic car or his overhaulen project?’

Well, the answer to that question lies with this response. I’ve been in this automotive trade for many years and have repurposed many vehicles in my day. Having said that, today I'll just sit back, keep my heels up, and watch all the newcomers stepping up to the plate. Help where I can and write about my personal adventures, experiences and, the ones I see and hear at these swap meets.

But going back to my simple hobby, these interesting instruments come into play when watching a YouTube video (below) on a diddly bow guitar. We all know one Google link takes you to another and, then another.

I can almost get liking this twanging music, and, making these musicals whatever they call them, looks to be simple enough to make. Certainly easier, than overhauling a 1949 Ford F150.

My favorite rock star son-in-law wanted one for his man cave.

Originally, the purpose of my fun guitars was not to sell these hobby items; I just wanted to learn how to make one, and, as I mentioned, I’ve done my classic car overhaulen thing. I did it … I've done it.

But these simple-to-make guitars look to be an interesting project to overhaul and, ‘a whole lot cheaper investment.’ And through all fairness, how many of these wall hangings can a person keep?

"My wife sitting in the background saying … none …" It must be a guy thing.

This old stuff gives the guitar that ‘Rat Rod’ feel.

As I’m fumbling through the dos and don’ts of making a musical instrument actually play. To the naked eye, I want them to ‘look crude.’ Old automotive hardware or 1919 antique door hinges from my buy-and-sell booth should do the trick for the old.

Author Photo from a swap meet

Now that I mention Rat Rods, did you know they were made from leftover anything and bolted together? Even farmer's fence wire was used to hold the fenders together, GM parts on a Ford and a Chrysler rear differential. It gives them that cool and drivable look ….

Did you also know that after the war, many original Rat Rods of the day had flat-head engines installed from surplus army tanks? That’s where they get the term, ‘anything goes.’

Getting back to my new-found hobby story.

After watching the video, the intent was to build a rat rod-style guitar for my rock star son-in-law in the family. But I have to admit, I got a little carried away with different shapes, sizes, and designs over a few beers. But, I’ll keep making them and designing them like I know what I’m doing until I get it just right.

Now threw all fairness again, how can you be good at doing something unless you try, screw up, and try again until you get it right. That is the only way a person learns.

If nothing else, my homemade and cool-looking diddly bow walking stick. Guarenteed, ‘You will be the only one on your street owning one.’

** I made the slide guitar walking stick for myself, which I have no idea how to play, but I will learn by spring.

** A cigar box guitar for a car club member and now …

** A license plate guitar for my favorite rock star son-in-law who is a proud owner of a classic 1969 Chevelle 2 door.

So as the theme for this story was the fun events at swap meets 'that are nearly gone for the season,' it is also fun to note, that I am also a vendor. And, if things don’t pick up next year in the selling department, I will go to plan ‘B,’

Maybe I can become the rock star in the family with my newfound cigar box, and, Rat-Rod guitar hobby.

Until next year at the swap meets when I have the winter to brush up on my slide guitar talent to entertain my buds .’ NOT.” I’ll at least spend a fun afternoon walking around these classic cars at these cars. "looking at all this iron and undeniable talent that went into every one of them."

Authors Photo and Photoshop Drone

I’ll see you all next year at the Classic Car Show and Shine. Who knows, you might just hear me playing or twanging a bad note on my slid guitar like this YouTube video dude.

❤ Thank you for reading my ‘Classic Car Swap Meet’ story. If I get any loven ❤ ‘I'll gladly share more classic car tales.

Enjoy my photos.

Swap Meet Photo by Author

swap meet photo by author

how tovintageracingphotographymotorsports

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  • Jay Kantor3 months ago

    Hi Dave - May I ramble on a bit. I'm so impressed with your 'Schtick' that I've *Subscribed with pleasure. I have (2) classic cars that I bought new: An xke - e type roadster (Vanity tags Klacik) that, as a Naval officer, I bought through the Naval exchange while deployed, and it was shipped home duty free. I also have a V12 XJ-C. But, lately my current mode of transportation is my wheelchair since a car crash *Please see 'Wheelchair Etiquette.' My Twin and I had Twin Chevelles...he had the nerve to race it at our drag strip. See "Twin Secrets." Sorry, don't mean to push you onto my story 'Goops.' I'm not into contests or self promotion. I'm just a retired hugely scrutinized legal writer morphed in a self described 'Goof Writer' nothing more. But, such a pleasure to enjoy people from our 'Gen' with "Original" stories....lots of snippers among us with sharp scissors. Jay, Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, California 'Senior' Vocal Author - Vocal Village Community -

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