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Best Accessories to Modernize Your Old Car

Want to gear up your old car with a couple of tech devices and appliances? Check out these great accessories to modernize your old car!

By C.C. CurtisPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

Modern cars are equipped with the latest technology and gadgets, from GPS navigators to back-up cameras, and more. Not many old cars get these advantages, but don’t be bummed out. Your car can look and even feel more modern with certain devices and accessories put in it. The majority of them don't take a lot of effort to install, either.

Any of these great accessories to modernize your old car can actually upgrade your car drastically. So, if you do own an old car that doesn't have any cameras, GPS navigations, back-seat televisions, and other cool high tech implements, then get a few! Many of these products are worth every cent, and they work just as well as they promise to. So, don't think your money is going to waste, not only will they make your old car into a more present-day car, but they're super useful when driving.

Our cars do get dirty more than you think. In fact, since they get filthy so quickly, a lot of times we don't have time to actually vacuum the inside of our cars. Not only is it such a hassle, but it consumes so much time, especially if you're using one of those large, house vacuums.

That's why you should get your hands on this car vacuum. It's so small, easy to use, and very powerful. This vacuum is specifically designed to clean the inside of your car, handling your toughest dirt and spillage. It features a special squeegee nozzle for hard surfaces and even a brush for seat or mat fabrics. For power, you can use the coiled power cord with the AC plug that’s ideal for movement. And for those darker areas such as under the seats, there’s a built-in LED light.

Don't have backseat televisions for your kids to watch during long road trips? No need to install one! Get your hands on this backseat car mounting bracket that's perfect for your iPad, it's one of the best accessories to modernize your old car. Your iPad can now be the television with all the shows that you've downloaded.

The bracket is very durable and lightweight, while holding your iPad in the most secure way. It also mounts on the driver’s or passenger back seats with a simple movement. Now you won’t hear your kids shouting, “Are we there yet?” anymore. They can watch whatever they want for however long they want.

The many cell phone mounts that I've gone through all either broke or lost ability to attach itself onto vents. And I need a cell phone mount for navigation, which is why I bought myself this magnetic cell phone holder that is perfect and reliable, one of the best accessories to modernize your old car.

The mount features a bendable post that has a suction cup at the bottom to firmly grip onto flat surfaces such as your car’s dashboard. It includes a metal plate to slip in between your phone’s case and phone. This way, the magnet on the mount can attach itself to your phone with the metal plate, and your phone won’t fall off easily, like certain phone holders.

These days, GPS navigations are so essential, because it helps us get to places easier than old fashioned road maps. To safely get to destinations without getting lost, consider this great GPS by Garmin. It's so simple to use all the while it gets you to places in a breeze, even around New York City — a city tough to get around.

It features a bright five-inch dual-orientation display and speaks while directing you. However, you do need a microSD card which isn’t included. And the battery life for this GPS lasts up to two full hours, and it’s unaffected by cellular dead zones! Which is perfect in case you ever do get lost. The GPS also includes a vehicle power cable, suction cup mount, USB cable, and a manual for all of your questions.

Seat belts are a must have for any car! It's super important that all passengers in the car wear a seat belt while driving in case of any car accidents. So, if your car happens to have a missing seat belt or a broken one, then this universal seat belt is what you seriously need.

These seat belts are very easy to install and it’s adjustable, too. It fits both 74 inches and 90 inches. All the necessary hardware is included in this purchase, making this easily one of the most must-have among accessories to modernize your old car.

Many modern cars these days are equipped with a handy backup camera for better sight while reversing out of parking. However, the majority of old cars don't have this device, but yours now can with one of the best accessories to modernize your old car.

Yada's BackUp Camera System is a five inch dash mount monitor that gives you the clearest views when backing up. Not to mention the camera that’s placed on the back of the car is weatherproof and has night vision. It’s powered by connecting it to the reverse tail light. So, while you’re reversing, the image will immediately appear on the monitor.

Tires can easily deflate during the winter season. Don't let your tires fall flat ever again with this ideal tire pressure tool kit, which is a great choice among the accessories to modernize your old car.

Rather than constantly taking a trip to your nearest gas station, check your own tire pressures and decide whether or not they need to be pumped. And Ken-Tool gives you that opportunity with its amazing tool kit that detects low-pressure tire.

I'm sure the majority of us cannot drive without listening to some of our favorite tunes. But if you listen to absolutely nothing, except the hum of your car's engine and the outside world, then I give you a lot of respect. But I can't do that, I have to listen to music to make driving a funner experience, all the while keeping me up from dozing off.

Boss' Audio Speakers can really give you that extra bass when listening to your music. While it’s a full range six by nine speaker pair, it has 400 W max 200 W RMS power handling per pair. These speakers are poly injection woofer cone and rubber surround, and can give you the best sounding music possible so your long road trips won't be unbearable anymore.

Many of us pick up clothes from the dry cleaners and we never want them to be ruined by laying them on the backseats. So, if you're a person who's constantly picking up clothes from the dry cleaners and don't have any where to place them without ruining their perfection, get your hands on one of these car clothes bars.

For a great pick on the list of accessories to modernize your old car, you won't have to worry about ruining your fresh, clean clothes anymore. Simply attach each end of the bar to the grab handles, and you're good to hang anything you like!

How many of us love to just clutter our cars with unnecessary belongings, but don't have enough room? What about having to store essentials for those long road trips? Don't leave your car a total mess, use this car seat organizer that's so simple to install and use!

You can store nearly anything you like in this car seat organizer. From snacks to tissues, water bottles, and much more, your long road trips with family or friends will be a cleaner and more organized journey with one of the handy accessories to modernize your old car.

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