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Welcoming the New Normal | Best Outdoor Things to Do In Sydney

Now that things are starting to look better for the Sydney tourism industry, you can start travelling again to your favourite places within the city.

By Scarlett StarkPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Can you remember when was the last time you went on a vacation with your favourite people? While restrictions are slowly being lifted in Sydney, we can now heave a sigh of relief! Some of us, in an attempt to shrug off the gloom induced by the pandemic days, may have already travelled in the recent past. But most of us are still fettered by fear when it comes to stepping outside of our homes. However, it is time to let go of that fear and get moving! By embracing the ‘new normal’, you won’t have to contain your travel urges anymore. Here we have put together a list of places in Sydney you can visit to experience a full-fledged holiday.

Dine-out on a Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

Sydney Harbour, the most iconic tourist destination in the city, is also a prominent dining destination. Although in the past year, the number of people visiting the harbour was dwindled down to a trickle, things are starting to look better at the harbour. The harbour is now open and there are some activities you can indulge in such as a harbour cruise dinner. The luxury cruises at the harbour have been a favourite among both the tourists and locals alike. Get on board a showboat Sydney Harbour dinner cruise to enjoy a delectable dinner enhanced by the scintillating night views and also a 1-hour live cabaret show. This unique cruise which is built to exceptional nautical standards provides a relaxing ambience where you can simply enjoy good food, the starry night sky, close-up views of the harbour attractions and more. The cruise also has a fully licensed bar on board that serves premium beers, wines, soft drinks and juices. Choose a drinks upgrade to enjoy your favourite drinks with your food for the duration of the cruise. Now wouldn’t that be a lovely way to embrace the new normal?

Explore the Royal National Park Walks

Sydney’s Royal National Park is widely known for its picturesque beaches, secluded picnic spots and cycling trails. Head out to any of these spots at the National Park to get rid of your pandemic blues and perhaps explore some of its walking trail or go cycling to shed off that extra weight you’ve been carrying around. Before you head out for a walk, it is important that you know which walking trail suits your capabilities. Do carry your camera along with you so you can capture some insta-worthy click to prove to the world that you left the couch. Most of the coastal walks in the Royal National Park lead to the beach and offer amazing views. Pack up a picnic with your family and head out to the Royal National Park for a rejuvenating experience.

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains in Sydney, located just an hour’s drive from the city centre, is home to many breathtaking destinations that are apt for holidaying after the lockdown. Whether it's adventure or a serene time-out amidst the lush green nature, Blue Mountains has a lot to offer you. You can also sign up for a Blue Mountains Scenic World Discovery Tour to see the stunning sights from different perspectives. Get your camera ready to capture some impressive pics for the ‘gram. Some of the other important destinations here are Katoomba Falls, the Three Sisters, Jamison Valley and Mt. Solitary.

Sydney is a treasure trove of amazing tourist destinations and there are many more places in and around the city that are safe for travelling. And that means, no more excuses and cancelled plans! So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags already and head over to your favourite destinations in the city for a memorable getaway!

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