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Top 4 Travel Products for Your Smart Phone from Aukey

by Yvette Cordova 3 years ago in product review
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Travel with these top four smart phone companions from Aukey.

The Aukey Power Bank Charger (Photo Cred: Yvette Cordova)

Let’s face it, we all love to travel—at least I’ve never heard anyone complain about it. Unless you got stuck in a bad air flight scenario, but once you’re at your destination, it’s all epic. Right?

The one thing travelers try to avoid is over packing. This takes me back to my first trip to Peru, and how I over packed with my camera, 360 camera, tripod, power bank charger, GoPro, extra batteries, and not to mention all my mounts and accessories. Boy did I have a lot to carry!

So, with my travel niche, I am going to share the top four products from Aukey that are a must on my travels.

Top 4 Travel Products for Your Smart Phone from Aukey

1. Aukey Lens—These travel lenses are a great companion to any smart phone. Without having to lug around your heavy dslr/slr camera, these lenses are a quick clip on over your phone’s camera and can also clip over most phone cases. Aukey carries a variety selection to choose from, including their Wide Angle and Macro lens.

2. Aukey Mini Tripod— Having your smart phone (and even a camera) on a tripod is key to producing great shareable pictures. Having a mini tripod is also discreet enough that you can literally take it anywhere and have it handy in your bag, backpack, or purse. A tripod is ideal and will prevent your photos from coming out shaky and blurry. Aukey carries a mini flexible one that comes with a phone mount and has a ¼ standard mount will fit all of your phone and GoPro Mounts.

3. External Power Bank/Charger— Lets face it, when we see that “Low Battery” pop up on our phones, we tent to go in a panic. When you’re out on-the-go and traveling, you can’t always use a wall charger to plug in. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a good external charger. A power bank isn’t just the life line to your smart phone, it can also be used via the USB port(s) to charge your other devices like tablets and GoPro (or other action cameras). The Aukey Power Bank comes with two USB ports so that you can charge your smart phone and another device.

4. Wall Charger(s) with USB ports—though one would not consider taking a wall charger on a trip, it’s an important item to have. Many stuck in an airport due to delayed flight can always plug in the wall charger and share their outlet via the USB ports with others—it’s considered rude to hog the wall outlet folks. Aukey carries a variety of wall outlets equipped with extra USB ports

Your travels may be near or far, but it’s always best to travel comfortable. Nowadays cameras on smartphones work and do the job better than dslr cameras. There’s no reason to be hulling heavy equipment on your travels, when you can produce great memories with the help of camera lenses and the use of a tripod.

You can read more on the Aukey Power Bank posted on my Blog.

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Yvette Cordova

Yvette resides in Los Angeles and loves to travel and explore.

You can follow her adventures here: http://www.lushqn1travels.com/

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